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In Home Art Camp

Last weekend we got an info letter in the mail for a local art camp. The theme was Eric Carle and Indigo really wanted to go. When Jude heard Indi's enthusiasm he wanted to go too. But the cost was $155 per kid plus a $50 registration fee (per kid). Over $400 for a one week, morning-only art camp was just not going to happen, so I told them we could do our own Eric Carle art camp here.

Today was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I googled craft ideas and found these paper chain caterpillars. The kids loved this craft and it kept them busy for quite awhile. Jude was able to do his by himself.

Evie enjoyed hanging with the big kids at the table.

When she got bored I put on our new favorite pandora station - Alice Russell radio. Our friends Larry and Heather introduced us to this station and we love it. It's chill yet energizing and makes great background music. I often don't like music playing when the kids are up because it ends up being noise on top of noise, but this is somehow different. The kids love it and Evie was dancing to it at the table. That girl loves music and loves to dance. Whenever she is fussy I put her in the backpack and turn on some music and it almost always makes her happy. Initially I would go to You Tube and play Ethiopian music, thinking it was the familiarity that she enjoyed. Last week I decided to chance it to see if she likes all music, not just Ethiopian, and it turns out that she does. We'll still keep playing Ethiopian music, though. If anyone has any recommendations for good Ethiopian music (and where to get it) please let me know in the comments. I would really appreciate it! :)

Oh and Indi did eventually get dressed for the day

but she's potty training so if you come to our place in the next few weeks don't be surprised if she's only wearing her big girl undies and a shirt!


  1. Well I for one love your crafty Art camp right at home....AND they can attend in their jammies ~ what's not to love!! :)

    AND that cost you quoted for 2 to attend camp is outrageous!!

    Love the darlin' pics....was Evie dancing when you caught that grin of pure joy? Such pretty girls you get to spend your days with!!

  2. Love the at home art camp. In my ideal world, we'd be doing that sort of thing all the time. What a great mom you are.

    Sophia's 2nd b-day was a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme. We had so much fun with it.

    If you get gor recommendations for Ethiopian music, please let me know.

  3. Love the Eric Carle camp idea.....I might have to steal that one!!! :)

  4. Loving your camp posts =) The kids are having so much fun! Claire and I did the caterpillar craft today and she had fun too! Thanks for the idea -I'll have to send you her pic!
    Thanks for all your encouraging words on the blog! I'm almost caught up with what I want to scrapbook. We went to the Witte on Tuesday to see the dinosaurs!

  5. Just checking in on your blog and wanted to say how much I loved your idea of doing an at-home art camp! It is always so costly when you have to consider 2 (or 3 or more!) kids to enroll in a program. I had considered some sort of at-home camp myself this summer, but I haven't pulled it together and summer is almost over! I've seen some good articles on families who pull together and do a camp co-op sort of thing too....lots of fun ways to be creative and save money!


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