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Post 300!

This is post 300! It feels like I should do something really grand for the 300th post, but I'm gonna keep it light. After my last post, maybe we could all use a little light.

I do want to thank those of you who left comments and/or emailed me about that post. I was apprehensive about writing it and was relieved when it felt that most understood the heart of what I was trying to say... and my heart in saying it.

In keeping with the "light" theme I have a few light stories to share. I don't know about you guys, but I find having kids in my kids' age range means that you are laughing every day. They are always saying something hysterical and blogging about it frequently might feel a bit like overkill being you guys have kids, too. But for today, indulge me.

The kids and I were making pizza dough. I had found some party hats in the pantry, so the kids were wearing them. Then I turned around and saw this -

Indigo, whachya doin?

"Um, I'm pretending to be a rabbit."

Okay. Word.

Last night the kids and I were doing a family drawing night and listening to the lullaby station on Pandora. It was a really great way to wind down at the end of the day.

I had made this

and had written these verses at the bottom of the drawing. I was reading it to the kids when Jude looked up at me and in complete seriousness asked

Mommy, are you going to mail that picture to God?

Now being one to want him to think about the questions he asks, I asked in return

Jude how do you think I would mail this to God?

"The mailbox"
he replies

Who would I address it to? I ask.

"Um, God."


On a light adoption note, I read the book Lucky Girl this weekend, after hearing that the author was speaking in Austin this weekend.

It was a quick read. The author loved her adoptive family very much and spoke very positively about them. She records the experience of getting to know her birth family in Taiwan and loved them, too. It was (mostly) a heartwarming read. I enjoyed it.

Finally, to thrown a little sewing in the mix (how could I hit post 300 without including sewing?!) I made this table runner last week.

Happy Monday! Best wishes for a fantastic week ahead!


  1. Too cute! Funny, I started Lucky Girl the gym! This was a big mistake, as tears started pooling in my eyes in the first chapter. :)

  2. happy 300th! the bunny pic is priceless.


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