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The Great Outdoors

Last weekend, Jude's entire kindergarten class and their families went camping in Texas hill country.

Dan drove up with the older kids on Friday night
. I stayed back with Evie. Evie has been the total opposite of our other two kids in that the girl refuses to sleep with us. When we were a couple months post adoption, I even went so far as to get her out of her crib and bring her into bed with us after she was already asleep [my mom is absolutely cringing right now, I guarantee it], and it was still a no go. She would wake up, start playing... or crying... and would.not.go back to sleep until she was placed back in her own bed. So I had a feeling the whole camping in a tent thing wouldn't go over well. (This story will apply later).

I drove up with E on Saturday morning and we had a fabulous day with the other kindergartners and their parents. We went for a mile long hike to a beautiful pond filled with fish. Most of the kids caught fish. We then hiked back and the kids cooled off in a crystal clear creek. [The next four photos were taken by the director of J's school.]

The kids had some down time.

Then after an awesome potluck dinner, we roasted marshmallows.

After marshmallows, the clouds were looking ominous and we were hearing reports that there was a big storm about to roll in. I didn't want to drive home 2 hours in the dark, in the rain, part of the way without phone service, so I decided to give it a shot and spend the night with Evie. We were having such a great time, I didn't really want to leave anyway.

Now, rewind to the first part of this post about Evie not sleeping with us.

Yep. It was not going well. Then Indigo decided to assert her independence and declare that she was not going to sleep with a diaper. No matter what (I think she was sensing a weakness in the Force).

Now throw in, "it was a dark and stormy night..." because it was. And for good measure toss in a little, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" because it's true, the entire camp ground was quiet except the Kovac tent.

Evie: "Waaaaaaa!"
Indi (after being told she would have to go home with mommy: "I! Will Coooooo - oooooppp - pppppperrrrr---aaaatttttte!"
Evie: "Waaaaaa!"
Indi: "I wiiiiillll beeeeehave!"

Long story longer, we packed the kids in the car, Dan packed up the camp site (during a rain storm), stuffed the tent, marshmallows, sleeping bags, cooler, etc into the mini van and we all headed home together. The kids fell asleep, Dan and I talked on the phone once we got reception and our wet, tired, two car caravan pulled into the driveway around midnight.

Ahhh, camping.

I'll close with a couple of pics of our incredibly yummy konjo (Amharic term of endearment) baby. She's so cute I just want to eat her up. I must kiss those cheeks 20 times a day (at least!)


  1. Should I ROFL after reading that? THat seems so incredibly insensitive? It is true though b/c they way you wrote it just had my dying laughing! Yeppers, that would be the Robisons too! I can see it now! Thanks for sharing. I would have to kiss those cheeks 20x a day too! She is adorable!

  2. Yabbi is the same way Rachel. She'll cuddle for awhile, but then she kicks and complains until I put her in the crib where she can spread out. What a crazy camping trip! Glad you made it home!

  3. I presented you with an award today over at my place ((hugs))

  4. :) Oh my, she is breathtaking.....I would all about those cheeks too!!! (yeah, I do the same to poor Tyler...hopeless I am!!)

    AND oh my, what an evening.....I sure enjoyed all the humor you infused, though I suspect it was NOT too fun at the moment!!

    Ah yes, the joy of camping.....I'm still looking for them beyond the s'mores! LOL

    But what a grand way to get to know Jude's classmates and families....I love it!!

    Thanks for sharing the big smile and glad you made it home safely!!

  5. What a great idea for Jude's class! Just the thought of camping with Eden makes me cringe!! Can't wait till they get a little older to go - Claire will love it =)
    This weekend Claire asked when we would see Indigo and Jude again and explained to my sister in law that sometimes Indigo is called "Indi" - too cut - we MUST get together soon! We are having our 4th garage sale this weekend so super busy getting ready for that!

  6. OK, I want to eat her up too....she is seriously beautiful and fits in very well in your seriously-how-is-everyone-so-gorgeous family! :) Love the little outfit too! :)

    I hate camping. H.A.T.E it. Can't bring myself to even bother. I'm so sorry you had such a lousy experience. Poor Evie. Poor you. Not so poor Indie (sensing a weakness in the force...that was funny!). Poor Dan. The whole thing sounded really great up until the end there!! :)


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