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Kindergarten and Preschool: And they're off!

(By Dan...)

I realize that some day he's going to walk around the corner and say, "Hey Dad, can I have the keys to the car?" His voice will crack because it's changing and mine will crack because I'll know he's almost on his own.

But for now, he's still my little buddy. Hopefully he'll be my big buddy when he can drive.

For Jude it is kindergarten (half day kindergarten because he'll have his whole life to go to school / work all day long)and Indigo is in preschool. Evie is of course too young, but she dives right in, and wonders, I'm sure, where the bigger kids are going.

As it turns out the remnants of a tropical storm were blowing through so rain coats were the order of the day. Jude's first day was on Tuesday.

At least he's excited about it!

And there he goes!

Indigo's first day of Preschool was the next day.. Jude was there with a little support.

Not to be left out, Evie got into the act as well.


  1. Darling pics!!

    Wishing them a wonderful year of learning, loving learning, friendship and discovery!!

  2. A-dorable!!! have three seriously cute kids! :)

  3. rachel...what are you doing with youself now that it is just you and evie?

  4. tish, well, it's only half day (9-12a 3 days, and 9a-2p two days) and indi is going only MWF. so it's not that much time. i have started doing some postpartum doula work at a local homeless shelter one afternoon a week and i LOVE it. it's mostly just education work. it's been great. there is always plenty to do around here! :)

  5. They are TOO cute!! I bet they are just loving school so much, what a fun time! I am with Dan, the thought of my kids being old enough to drive makes me want to cry. I'm sure you will still be the best of buds! :)

  6. Oh MY Gosh!!!! LOOK at how big Evie has gotten!!!!! She's so beautiful...all your kids are;-).

    Sophie started k-garten too, and is loving it. I'm with you....I'm so glad our school district does 1/2 of the last public ones in the area to keep 1/2 day, and although I think Sophie would do fine in all day k-garten, I'm glad we get the one on one time while the boys are in school for the remainder of the day.

    God bless!


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