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Two Peas

Every Sunday, Jude asks if he can wear a "work shirt" to church so he and Dan can look alike. It's still hot here and our church is definitely casual enough that they could opt out of a button down, but Jude insists. Jude put on Dan's glasses to increase the lookalike effect! So sweet.

Happy Friday! Oh and we have a really neat 'Evie' story to come...


  1. Rachel! You HAVE to frame that one....adorable:-).

    Just stopping by to catch up on your precious family....hope you had a great summer, and you're all continuing to settle in to being a family of 5.

    Love and hugs,

  2. So cute and the sentiment behind it is precious!!

    Happy Friday to you guys too!!! Can't wait to read the story!


  3. That's awesome! Nothing like a boy and his dad!!! Everyone is lookin' handsome in their "work shirts"! :)


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