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Indigo Day and Evie's Big Day

I was telling the directors of the kids' preschool about the comments Indigo made regarding her tantrums and Evie's arrival. They reminded me that when you have three kids, it's important to spend time with each child alone, not just when the new baby arrives but on a semi-regular basis. I think we try to do this, but are not always as intentional about it as maybe we should be. They told me to be especially mindful of Indigo being she is the middle child - I'm often busy attending to Evie's needs and Jude's able to accomplish so much more than her. They suggested that she could feel a bit lost at times. I hadn't given that too much thought before because Indi appears to be adjusting so well to it all now. But I thought it was a great point. So today, while Jude had his 'long' day at school (9a-2p) and E had her 2 1/2 hour nap, I decided to ignore this

and this

and focus on Indigo and what she wanted to do for the entire 2 1/2 hours.

We started with playdoh. Indigo recently informed me, "I'd like to be called Indigo rather than Indi. Indi sounds too babyish."

I had my coffee and she had her juice, but in a fancy tea cup.

Then we did her favorite activity - puzzles!

After that, she wanted me to paint her nails. For her 'pedicure' we started with a foot soak.

She was very good about holding still.

We had a wonderful time together. She is so fun and articulate. I always enjoy spending time alone with each of the three kids. I do feel it's important.

Later in the day, our sweet konjo baby had a pretty big milestone - she went potty in the potty. I'm not into early potty training, Indigo's 3 1/2 and still not totally there, but Evie is very interested in the potty. She also often has accidents after I change her diaper but before I put on a new one. I was pretty floored when she went right away, on the first try. She just turned 18 months old. Here are a couple pics to commemorate the day.


  1. Oh such a fun time with your sweet grown up girl!!! I need to remember to just set aside time and dishes to spend real quality time with Hayden.

    On the potty!!!! Holy moly girl!!! I was excited(a little) that H has gone a few times and she is just 2. Again she is one of the prettiest baby's I have ever seen!!!

  2. You're such a good mommy! I so need to do exactly what you described...having 3 as well...and they're always competing for my attention.
    Love the 18 month pictures! I can't believe she's already 18 months!!! :)

  3. Such sweet times, and such a wonderful thing to do.

    S almost potty trained herself just before 2 as well. Isn't it funny how different they all are? I guess when they are ready, they are ready!

  4. What a fun and special day with your big girl ~ I relish those times too and never tire of those seemingly "stolen" moments!

    Such pretty girls, both of them and wow for potty training!!

    L trained at 20 mos., pretty much by herself! LOL I was still a few steps back! :)

  5. You're too good! We are always trying to be very mindful of this issue. It always seems to be apparent when one of them acts out. I have my 2 year old in a mommy's day out program two times a week so that I can have alone time with my older daughter. My son gets me alone 5 days a week for a couple of hours. I love it! I do always ask my husband to take them on dates:)

  6. What a wonderful day with you big girl, I bet she felt like a princess! Sometimes us moms need to ignore those things more often and just enjoy our kids. And yay for the potty chair, that's great! Maybe she can give Braden some pointers. :)

  7. I love that you took pictures of your dishes and laundry and put them on your blog. Rocked my world.

    It cracked me up that Indigo wants to be called Indigo. ;-)

    Evie is looking great. As M would say, "Yay! Evie pee pee!"


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