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Baby V's [New] Do

Last year, I made this Waldorf doll for Indigo for Christmas.

Indigo named her 'Baby Violet' after the real Baby Violet, of course.

We've talked about giving baby Violet some hair for awhile now, but it looked a little tricky and I haven't had enough motivation for this specific project to tackle it.   Leave it to my mom who is eager and willing to tackle anything (and everything!).  She has the energy of two people.  Not two slackers, either.  Two highly motivated people.  Baby Violet now has hair - courtesy of Gaga.  Her face was embroidered by Dan last Christmas Eve.

Thanks, Mom!  We love it! 


  1. Oh, those are 2 angels snuggled together there....Dolly V's hair and face are enchanting ~ a group masterpiece and clearly a very beloved doll!!!

  2. SWEET doll! The new "do" is precious!


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