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Modkid Sydney - Twin Wizard Girls

Last weekend I sewed two Modkid Sydney hoodie dresses - one for each of my girls.

This dress was easy to sew - I sewed Evie's (the second of the two) in just a couple of hours.

The smallest size in this pattern is a 2T and even though Evangeline is in some 18-24 month clothes now, she was swimming in it.

Indigo was wearing her new hoodie dress to church and was begging us to let E wear hers as well.   I kept saying no because it looked ridiculous, but then Dan looked at me and asked, "Is this really a battle you want to fight?"  Good point.  So Evie wore it to church and looked quite a lot like this guy

but by next fall it should be perfect.

The 4T size was just right for Indigo.

The fabric is Scattered Matryoshka by Kokka fabrics and the trim is Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy (which I have been loving this fall!). 


  1. Oh gosh....I long for that fabric(perfect for our girl!!); on the other hand I wouldn't have a clue what to actually do with it! :) But I love it!!! And love what you did with it!!!

    And the girls look darling!!

  2. that is adorable fabric!!!! and i love your advent calendar!


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