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Sage Advice in the Check Out Aisle

The kind, white-haired woman at the grocery store coffee shop was our cashier again, like she often is.  We started making small talk, like we always do.

 So, how old is she now?

18 months... no, 19 months.  The months pass so quickly!

Oh trust me, your life will go by in the blink of an eye. 

I can imagine.  This week I packed up Evangeline's 6-12 month clothes and I couldn't believe I was storing away the baby clothes of our third baby.

Just savor every moment.

I try to... but I can't believe how much I've already forgetten.  My mom's in town and she'll say "Remember when J said this or remember when Indi did that?" and sometimes I don't.  They're things I thought I'd never forget.  I guess I'll need to write more of it down.

Just try to live in the moment with your kids.  Soak it all in.  And don't spend too much time behind the camera.  Sometimes that can hinder the experiencing of it all.

As my mom and I walked out to the parking lot I told her how much I love getting warm advice from mothers who are now grandmothers, maybe even great-grandmothers.   It's an encouragement to me.  This woman offered me great advice.  But the part about the camera got me thinking.  I absolutely treasure the photos I've taken of my kids along the way.  Treasure them.  But these days I find myself behind my camera less and less.  On one hand, I disappoint myself.  At Jude's kindergarten camp out, I didn't shoot a single picture (Dan took only a handful).  My aunt and cousin were in town a few weeks ago and we took a few photos, but not many.  My mom was just here and I didn't take any of her with the kids.  On the other hand, I'm glad to be living in the moment, unencumbered by my big bulky camera.  For me, being behind the camera can sometimes detract from the experience.

I'm finding that I'm using my cell phone more and more often to capture those spur of the moment photos that I would otherwise miss, being I rarely lug around my camera anymore.  Like this one. 

So the quality isn't perfect, but hey, I can make out who they are.  I'm kidding... kind of.

What do you think?  Do you like to capture as many moments as possible on camera?  Or have your parents come and gone without you snapping a single picture?  Is my new friend at the grocery store on to something?


  1. She sounds just lovely ~

    and like most things its probably a walking the tightrope between savoring an authentic in your heart & mind and also capturing a moment in a time to be "viewed" at a later date.

    Recently an older lady mentioned to me that she wished she had snapped more photos of other people(family, most of all) during her children's birthday parties and milestone events. She said they have hours upon hours of video of each child opening endless gifts, but only fleeting glimpses of the loved their who celebrated.

    So while I've slowed down my picture taking in the day to day, I took her advice to heart and am trying to capture EVERYONE who loves and cherished our children....and vice versa.

    I love this post!!!

  2. oops...I meant to say savoring an authentic moment.... :) like I should be doing right now with both my chicks home for a school holiday!!!


  3. This woman does sound lovely. I agree!

    I am all about savoring the moment. To me, you have to find what is right for you in order to be in, appreciate the moment. I take lots and lots of photos, and just feel creative through that. It is a joy for me to snap photos. I feel no pressure. My girls LOVE to look at their photos, so it is enjoyable all around.

    If/when I do catch myself trying to push too hard to get a good shot, I stop myself. I see so many blogs with PERFECT photos and perfectly coordinated outfits in every post, and that is not my goal.

    The balance thing sure is hard isn't it. I need to spend less time online!

  4. I always try to get a photo of my daughter (and myself) with my grandparents when we visit because each time I wonder if it will be the last visit. But in general, I think we take too many photos. I have a few photos of my parents when they were newly married and maybe a box full of photos from my childhood and they are very special to me. Sometimes I wonder whether the photos I take will mean anything to my daughter because there are so many of them. Sometimes, less is more.

  5. lisa - thank you for the feedback on taking more photos of *others* at the child's significant events. this is definitely my weak point. i'm going to try to be mindful of this in the future.

    rebecca - you are a gifted photographer. i think it might feel more creative for me and less like my 'duty' if i took great photos. i've been thinking about taking a photog class so i can take better pictures and in turn, take fewer of them. :)

  6. Alisha, I tend to agree with you!

  7. Yeah, on the one hand, all of our family live out of town. Many of them get their weekly M dose through the blog. And my parents took a lot of pictures when my older brother and I were little, but then they just got too busy (two more kids after me) and stopped. So, the older kids don't have many pics beyond the first day of kindergarten, and the younger ones have hardly any, period. I strive to keep up a little better.

    On the other hand, it is just so much fun savoring the moment. And so much cannot be captured on film. Many times, pics just don't communicate the power of a moment. Definitely a balance.

    P.S. Love the new layout!

  8. Most times I feel like I did not capture ENOUGH photos. They grow so fast. I live the moments with them and extended family, but I should take more pics (or at least pass teh camera to hubby ; )

  9. Trying to do both. I always wish that we video taped more. I am forgetting things that I want to cherish forever(it is flying by too quickly) I want to be able to hear that little munchkin voice forever!!! But I do try to just take it in even when it might feel mundane or sometimes rushed. I use my phone a ton!! But wish I had a flip camera so I could tape more and it be less unobtrusive.

  10. jules, i feel the same way about videotaping. we are horrible about it. i treasure what we do have videotaped. we have a flip camera but don't use it nearly as much as we should. :/

  11. lovely post!

    i choose times (such as walks to the bosque and such) to make sure i leave my camera at home even if i know it will be a good photo does allow me to be in the moment. however, i learned the hard way about not taking pics of M with loved ones when two of his grandparents passed away (one was unexpectedly and one lived out of state and i didnt take enough pics of them while she was visiting). so i think it is just a balance of both!

    the invisible zipper dress is a precious are soooo talented!


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