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Evie's First Mom - by Indigo

Dan and I have been busy "elving" as Soulemama calls it (I love that!) and I can't wait to post pictures of our evening adventures making gifts.  But we aren't quite finished, so that post will have to wait.

I did want to share the heartwarming interaction that I had with Indigo this morning.

 Indigo was sitting quietly drawing a picture at the breakfast table.  She ran up to me eagerly and said, "Look, Mom, I drew a picture for you.  I drew a picture of Evie's mom!"

"You drew a picture of me?" I asked.  I knew she had drawn Evie's birth mom based on the curly hair, but I was curious as to what she would say about it. 

She said, "No, it's not of you.  It's of Evie's first mom.  You know -  Her mommy in Ethiopia."

Then she drew a purse for her.

I'm so glad that she feels comfortable talking about Evie's first mom and that it's not awkward or taboo.    I hope that Evie will always feel that way, too.


  1. I love that she said "first Mom" because more & more I feel that resonates so much for me (for our kids), than using Birth Mom or Bio.

    Sometimes we say Kaz. Mom or Taiwan Mom ~ those work too!!

    This melted my heart!

  2. How great to see that all those conversations you've had with and around your kiddos are sinking in to a heart level. Amazing!

  3. I love this. That is one smart kiddo.

    I also prefer the term "first family" as opposed to birth, bio, or natural. Nice to see the kids normalizing positive adoption language at such a young age. Now, if only adults could "get it"...

  4. What a sweet girl. That is so great they understand all of that and talk about it, very cool!

    Have a great Christmas!! :)


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