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Life as captured on my iphone camera

could this be any sweeter?


Indigo tells me this looks just like baby Violet.  I text a photo to Dell to see if she concurs.

we lived in our house for almost 5 years with a 'broken' fireplace.  we finally called a handyman to come take a look.  he fixed it in 2 minutes.  literally.  two.

Dell's husband tells me Dell wants this spatula for Christmas.  When I see it, I wonder if he's playing a joke on me.  I text this photo to Dan.  Dan agrees that it's probably a joke.  I see some hipsters walk in and talk about how 'cool' this spatula is.  I wonder if maybe it's not a joke.   Dell now owns this spatula.

progression of the Love Letters quilt - Stage 1

progression of the Love Letters quilt - Stage2

 progression of the Love Letters quilt - Stage 3 (two more stages to go)

there are those boots again!


  1. always love the boots and am LOL on the fireplace! That is so typical of something that would happen in this house!! I loved life in your home through the eyes of your phone's camera lens! (hugs)

  2. NUMBER ONE = What size Boot does Jude wear?? you know Ihave a store room FULLLLL!
    and two..we have the same car seat for our baby girls. Bekah's is in Daddy's truck.
    Love the pictures..Fun.
    My iphone has a lot of Bekah and Adam's nostrils. LOL!

  3. Pure fun and pure cuteness!!! :)

    Thanks for the big smile today AND don't think for one minute we are comin' to Texas and not planning on trying to meet up with y'all too!! :) (did u like my "y'all"....does it sound authentic??.....been practicing ya know!) :)

    I wanna see those cuties IRL and their rockin' folks too!!!


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