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Looking Back

One year ago today, half way around the world, the Ethiopian courts officially made a 9 month old baby named Tarikua our daughter.   Evie had no idea that anything special happened that day; it was just another day for her.  She didn't even know who we were!  But on this side of the globe, we couldn't have been happier.  I am so glad that I blogged about that day (here and here) because somehow some of the details have already started to fade.  I guess time will do that.  But the elation that we experienced that day, I will never forget.

The adoption process is full of so many joys.  It was such a privilege to have been able to experience them.  It does have it's challenges, too - like your child living 10,000 miles away from you for awhile. But for today we remember the joy of Evangeline officially becoming a member of our family.  And we offer up an extra prayer of thanksgiving from this side of the adoption process, with our sweet girl in our arms.


  1. I can't believe it has been a year already! What an amazing experience, so glad that I could follow it.

    She is PRECIOUS! :)

  2. Adoption forever changes us as mothers and believers doesn't it? The sanctification process is worth everything we went through isn't it? She is blessed to have you and Dan as you are to have her. I look forward to watching her grow even more this year! Happy one-year anniversary!

  3. *sigh* one year already then since that amazing news...I remember bits of those posts and feeling the elation for your family that you were one big step closer!

    All the years are signficant (of course!) but I always feel that first year home and the peeking back it prompts is so poignant.

    She's absolutely beautiful and I'm sending wishes for the day!

  4. WOW- a year already, huh?!?! I remember seeing her beautiful little face for the first time myself and celebrating with you in each step of the process. Can you believe we are on the other side of it already? WOW. She's beautiful, and seems to have come a long way in a year! Can't wait to see how she continues to blossom!


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