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A White Christmas.... Installment 1 (by Dan)

Ingredients for Christmas Winter fun:

1 Record Snow Fall
3 Exuberant Children
1 Borrowed Sled
1 Farm (with perfect sledding hill)
2 Servings of Hot Chocolate (optional)

Tip:  Never eat the yellow snow...particularly when there is a dog in the mix.

Christmas this year was at "Gaga's Farm" as the kids refer to it.  Rachel's parents own a free range beef farm and it is always a favorite place to visit each year.  This trip did not disappoint!

Forty yards down

Forty yards up.


  1. OH so fun!! Love the pics and can't wait to see more =) I haven't seen snow since I was about 8! Sad huh?!

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    Gaga's house is my new favorite!
    I say next year we ALLLLL go!

  3. The 40 yards down looks like so much fun, the 40 yards up though... :) I bet the kids just loved it!

  4. Adorable pictures!! Love them :-)


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