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Rabbits... again!

This bunny, previously Indigo's, now Jude's (it's a long story!) is so precious.  She generally likes to be near us and is so sweet to hold.  She is a Lionhead rabbit and we are in love with her.

Jude has named her Friendly (formerly Angel).  "'Friend' for short," he informs me.

And to clarify, lest I gave the impression that I am a good gardener in my last post.  Yes we have had success with herbs; but herbs are known for being invasive, even taking over entire gardens.  Our success with vegetable gardening has been a lot less predictable.  We've had good seasons and bad ones, probably more bad than good, especially in the summer.  There are very few vegetables that are native to Texas, other than hot peppers (which we've found to be easy to grow!).  Otherwise the extreme heat, sandy soil and tendency toward dry summers makes gardening here much harder than it was in Wisconsin, where the summers are mild and the soil is rich.


  1. Thst littl thing is so dadgum cute!!!!
    IT almost looks fake. ;)

  2. My grandparents live in east Texas and have had a lot of success with summer squash, purple hull peas and sweet potatoes. I think okra also grows well there. Have you tried any of those? My husband is building a raised bed and we plan to have our first vegetable garden this year.

  3. Alisha,
    We have actually not tried any of those, except for zucchini. We haven't had much luck with that. I think east TX gets quite a lot more rain than we do in central texas. The summers that we have had the most rain are the ones where our garden has been the most abundant. It also seems to coincide with cooler temps, so I'm sure that helps too.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. We'll give them a whirl, if we can find them!

    Thanks again!

  4. I love "Friend for short"!!! Too sweet!


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