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Evie turns 2!

We just wrapped up our birthday week - with three birthdays in five days.

Evie's birthday was first, on April 7th.  She turned 2.   As we were transferring our pictures from our camera to Aperture, the process was interrupted and we lost all of the pictures of her with her birthday cake.  She was pretty terrified by the candles and saw them as obstacles to getting to what she really wanted - the cake!  There were no smiles from this girl.

On Evie's birthday, I spent a lot of time thinking about how she had been with us for an entire year of her life.  Yes, we had already celebrated the 'one year home' milestone, but this was significant for me in a way I hadn't expected.   From 0 to 1, she moved around four times, with different caregivers each time .  From 1 to 2, she was only with us.  In this year, we have experienced joys and challenges, progress and setbacks.  We have witnessed the healing of a little heart, a heart not yet fully healed.

Evie, may this next year of your life bring you the full assurance that you are deeply loved and that we are trustworthy.

 Pirate Evie - hat courtesy of Jude

[On the topic of healing in adoption, I really enjoyed this post on parenting the adoptive child - yes, it is different than parenting the biological child! - and the path to healing.]

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