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When Indigo was a baby, I pumped milk each day for the Austin Milk Bank.  About six months after I was done, Jude asked if he could play with my pump.  He loved taking things apart/putting them back together, so I thought he could try to set up the bottle, shields and tubing.  It would give me some time to clean the kitchen.  Within minutes, I heard the pump running.  I looked up at him and saw this (not staged, I promise!)

He was sitting in my nursing chair, nursing his puppy on one side and pumping the other.  Yes, he had seen that before, to be sure.  [Well, except not with a puppy.]

I came upon this picture today and knew I had to post it.   It just cracks me up. 

Completely shifting gears, Dan and I leave early Thursday morning for our first vacation sans kids... ever.  We are going to St. Lucia.  This would not be possible without the help of my mom, sister and her husband who have all graciously agreed to come here to watch the kids.  So it'll probably be quiet around here (my blog not my house!) for the next week or so.

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!


  1. That picture is a riot! You can show that one at his wedding rehearsal dinner one day, ha! Have a fabulous vacation. Perfect planning during the 2nd trimester. You better show us some cute baby belly photos lounging on the beautiful beach!!

  2. So very jealous of your trip! St. Lucia is one of my very favorite Caribbean destinations....aaahhhh....enjoy!

  3. I am soo Happy for you!!
    I have one word for you-SLEEP!!
    Sorry Dan-I know that's not the word you were hoping for.


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