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And the Years Fly By...

"Motherhood is raw and pure.  It is fierce and gentle.  It is up and down.  It is magic and madness.  Single days last forever and years fly by...  But motherhood - and childhood - is all about the journey.  And while individual days and hours may last forever, and some nights seem endless, all too soon the journey is over and we wonder how we ever got there so fast."

I can still vividly remember reading this quote in this book when Jude was just a baby, when our days (and especially nights!) felt endless.  I've mentioned before that my transition into motherhood was a rocky one.  Oh there were joys - lots of them.  That time with just Jude and me is one I will always treasure and look back upon with fondness.  But the sleep deprivation, the inexperience, the self-doubt, the isolation made for days that sometimes felt like they could last forever.  Yet I've known all along that soon enough they would be over.   This realization was particularly poignant last week when Jude 'graduated' from kindergarten.  

The days of the hands of the clock moving slowly are long behind us.  Now not only do the years fly by, but the days, weeks and months do too.  Dan and I looked at each other and acknowledged that before we know it, we'll be taking our seats at Jude's high school graduation.   We are reminded to hold these moments right now closer, more tenderly.   I don't want to hurry through.  Because time passes quickly enough on its own.


  1. Oh my goodness this made me cry. It's so true, isn't it!? The days are long but the years are short.

    Congratulations to Jude on his graduation!! What a sweet little man you have.

    I am SO happy things turned out well for E, what wonderful news! Praying your pregnancy is going great, can't wait to meet that sweet little girl! :)

  2. Well, I'm feeling that quote very acutely this morning as well as Chloe graduates from Preschool AND Sawyer turns 8 today!

    Jude really does look like he's getting SO big, and I have to admit, the transition to Sawyer being gone to school ALL DAY long for 1st grade has been the hardest transition I've weathered. The anticipation of it alone made me cry (but, admittedly, I got used to it pretty quickly when I saw him blossom so much!).

  3. you wanna talk heartbreak? Caleb and I are picking out class rings this weekend.
    CLASS RING! you know what comes next??? Some evil litte girl wearing the CLASS RING.
    Im not old enough for this...seriously!!! :)
    You guys look sooo precious in that family pic.
    Jude looks very proud. Big Boy!


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