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A Long Awaited Day (by Dan)

When Indigo was born, Jude's excitement lasted about...oh, 2 days, only to be replaced by a bit of sibling rivalry on Jude's part, followed by 18 months of Jude waiting for her to be old enough to play with him.  From that point on they have been fast friends.

With Evangeline it was a bit of the opposite.  Indigo could hardly wait for Evie to arrive and has been trying to play with her little sister since day one.  Evie naturally had some adjusting to do when she came home and it has taken more than a year, but it finally happened.  Indigo and Evie are great friends.  Now, giggles and squeals of delight echo through the house when the girls get going.  It's a more beautiful sound than the best symphony could create.

Little Sister
Big Sister

Because I know Rachel and I will some day survey an empty, more quiet house when the kids are grown up I want these moments to last forever.

My Girls



  1. Daddy's girls.
    So precious..
    The last picture is AWESOME!
    PS tell Rachel that I ma getting together picsfor an update but right now I am painting Mary and Rachels room Pink on one side and Purple on the other...yeah..wait until you get to do THAT !!
    Only you'lll have 3!

  2. So very happy to see this post, and to see these sweet girls enjoying each other!

  3. You KNOW I get this. This is a sweet, SWEET thing and when it happens, I just want to sit and enjoy it.


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