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The Story of a Dress

Long before we beheld Evangeline's velvety chocolate eyes or hugged her close, before we even had a referral (!), I had a vision of our Ethiopian beauty in a mama made dress.  I fell in love with Heather Ross' Far, Far Away collection and bought a yard of her unicorn fabric.  I knew I would someday make a bubble dress for our daughter who we then only dreamed of.  There were times during the adoption process that our adoption felt like just that - a dream.  When we waited and waited for a court date.  When Immigration messed up our paperwork and we traveled on only a prayer of bringing her home.  There were times when doubts crept in and I wondered - Is this ever really going to happen?   Having this fabric tucked away, not to be used until Evangeline was home, reminded me that in my heart I knew I would one day sew a dress for her.

Indeed she came home and now it's hard to imagine life without her.  Still, the fabric sat waiting to be sewn into a dress for Evie.  The pattern I had and was intent on using started at size 2T.  Evie's on the small side.  Finally this February I decided she just might fit into it.  So I made it.  And it was too big.

At long last, she was able to wear the dress for the first time last weekend.

I made both of my girls' bubble dresses only a couple of weeks apart.  I made Evie's dress first, at the beginning of my pregnancy before my "morning" sickness had really kicked in.  I am so thankful for that decision now.  I felt so much more nauseous when I made Indigo's, only a few short weeks later. To this day, I can hardly look at Indigo's bubble dress without feeling queasy.   In contrast, seeing E in this dress makes me very, very happy.  It reminds me of the hope that we once had that she would someday be with us.  A hope fulfilled.

I lined the dress with Anna Maria's voile.  This pattern is meant to be sewn with lighter fabrics.  It's a great recommendation.  The voile and double gauze make for a light, airy summer dress and worked well with this pattern.  I wouldn't do it any other way.

And speaking of summer dresses (and growing girls!), Evangeline now fits into Indigo's popover sundress.  [The popover sundress pattern is free and available here.]

I think the colors are fantastic on her!


  1. Lovely dresses. I especially like the popover sundress made for your first, beautiful daughter. The colour of that dress is perfect on your second beautiful daughter!

    What a lovely looking family! :)

  2. Beautiful girl ~ beautiful dresses. Beautiful happily ever after.....

  3. Evie looks precious--and she's getting so big! You're right--those colors look great on her! Very cute dresses!


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