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Around here

Section one:  Lactation education (or as Dan calls it, 400 pages of boobs)

I've thought about pursuing formal training on lactation counseling for several years.  Now, thirty-six-classes-two-clinical-workshops-and-1-to-2 hours-of-lectures-every-night-after-the-kids-went-to-bed later, I'm closer to my goal.  This weekend I finished all of the coursework for my lactation consulting training program.  It was excellent and I learned so much. The lectures were comprised of video, audio and illustrations and their power point slides fill the two 3-ring binders above. 

I still have to finish the six case studies and take the final exam.  Then I will receive the certification for completing the program.

Section two:  Food.

Who knew how easy it was to keep chicken from drying out on the grill?  We sure didn't.  This weekend, we tried out this recipe, Grilled Whole Chicken with BBQ sauce, which (as the title indicates) involves putting a whole chicken on the grill.  This was a first for us, as was grilling using indirect heat.  We were so impressed with the results.  If you make the BBQ sauce suggested in this recipe, be forewarned that it makes a lot.  All of this went in the freezer... which is great in my book.  Just have some jars ready!

We also made these Strawberry Shortcake cookies.  I had been eying this recipes for a couple of weeks.  We may or may not have consumed all 29 cookies in less than 12 hours.  Ahem.  Hey, they were small and more like scones, really.  ;)

They were easy to make and so delicious.  I think a strawberry-rhubarb combination would be fantastic as well. 

Have you come across any great recipes this summer?  We are always looking for new ones.  I'd love to hear your favorites!


  1. broniCookies are gorgeous!
    Book of Boobs!! only Dan! lol!
    Bless his heart!

  2. @ Andrea. This is Dan. That's only the half of it. I was getting summoned to the kitchen computer by calls of, "hey babe, check out the boobs in this lesson," only to be subjected to some of the most unusual boobs you've ever seen.

  3. Your husband cracks me up! Congrats on all the work you've done so far, and good luck with your final!

  4. Poor Baby!
    Tell Rachel pics like that can scare a man... They only want to see the good ones!!lol!
    Love you guys!! Your just fun!


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