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Thoughts on a Lazy, Rainy Afternoon

To say that we've been in a drought here in central Texas is an understatement.  So you can imagine our excitement when we heard claps of thunder this afternoon.   Dan said he'd be working late so we were settled in for a lazyish afternoon.  Evie was napping.  I've finally been getting around to hand quilting this quilt.

And check out my super classy thimbles (um, band aids)

Both older kids were engaged, Indigo in drawing a portrait of me quilting, actually.   I found this to be quite amusing.  I had never been the subject of a portrait before. 

Then it started pouring.  Pouring

We sat on our covered back porch and "enjoyed the rain" as the kids said, until the downpour stopped about 30 minutes later.   I love rain.  I love the sound of it, the smell of it,  how it makes everything so green and lush.  Living in a state where rain is an infrequent but much needed visitor has made me appreciate the rain even more.

Speaking of Texas, I was out with the kids last week and saw this bumper sticker.  

I just had to laugh... and stop to take a picture.   

Yup, we're in Texas.

As for this afternoon, we are very thankful for the glorious rain.   And for the quiet moments that accompanied it.


  1. Love the Post... Looked like a good day. You are always very inspirational . Can't wait to see you and the kids! Also loved the thimbles.

  2. thanks, mom! that's very sweet! the kids cannot wait and jude says YES, he absolutely wants to grate veggies. they are sad that it's still three more weeks away. :(

  3. How interesting that you're in central Texas. We live in East Texas and have also been hearing a lot about the drought. I'm from Arizona, though, where we've been known to go months without any measurable rainfall. Consequently, I have a hard time really taking a drought here seriously when I know that we've gotten *some* rain a few times a month. :)


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