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Matching Dresses... Sometimes

"Mom, I sometimes like when you make me and Evie matching dresses, but mostly, I just want them to be different.  If you keep making me and Evie matching dresses and the new baby is a girl, she won't have a matching dress.  Then she would be so jealous.  So, we better not."
-Indigo, March 2011

When we first came home from Ethiopia, we frequently received questions from strangers about our family.  There was a time when I was asked at least on a weekly basis whether I was babysitting Evie.  Often it was easier to dress the girls alike because people then quickly understood that we were all a family.  

Now that we have been home for a year and a half (!), we rarely get those kind of questions anymore.  I'm not exactly sure why things have changed, but we really appreciate it.  I think most adoptive families just want to be like everyone else.  In accounts by adult adoptees, many report that they didn't appreciate being singled out by strangers while in public.  It made them feel uncomfortable and they came to resent it.  I'm proud to have a child from the amazing country of Ethiopia.  I love to share information with people about adoption and/or orphan care...  but not necessarily in front of Evie.  Especially when those questions are personal in nature and regarding the details of her story, a story that is hers to share, not mine.

I still sew the girls matching dresses sometimes.  With the width of fabric being around 42-44 inches, I often have enough fabric left from one project to make a second dress without much added expense. In addition, making two dresses at the same time is quite a lot faster than making two dresses from different fabrics and patterns. I don't have the girls wear their dresses at the same time anymore... unless they want to!  With the exception being for the following photos -

The fabric for the dresses is from Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi line.

 The dress pattern is this sweet little PDF by Leila and Ben, available for only $6.

I used this free tutorial for the ruffle leggings.

Look complicated?  That's what I thought at first.  They're not.  The leggings are made from a pre-sewn ruffle fabric.  You sew them like regular leggings.  You don't even need to hem them!  Just be sure that the ruffles are always pointing down when you sew them.

My girls.  Sisters.  Friends.  Two kids easily entertained by a stool. 

[And speaking of my daughters, I loved this prayer for a daughter.  Beautiful.]

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  1. O.K.- this is my FAVORITE, FAVORITE thing you've made! I LOVE it- those ruffle leggings had me at "Hello", and Chloe? She'd positively DIE for some! Maybe it's time for me to pick up sewing?!?!? ADORABLE! Your girls look super-cute in them too!

    You amaze me- where do you find the time? AND, you can blog too? You are my hero! :)


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