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Around here

:: We are still loving this play dough recipe.  My kids even prefer it to the store bought variety.

::  Aren't these these owl cupcakes perfect for Halloween?
::  Dan's been busy in his shop finishing up a few projects before baby arrives.

At our church, we don't pass a traditional offering plate.  Instead, there's a giving box where people can give in a way that is more private and (hopefully) more intentional.  The pastors asked Dan if he'd build a wooden one.

Dan also worked with the older kids refurbishing a kid-sized table and chairs set.

::  I have to laugh a little about how much my girls love to have their finger and toenails painted given that I never paint mine.  They don't stick to ordinary pink, either.  They like to get creative: blue, purple, yellow, white with glitter to resemble snow, rainbow.

Perhaps they've picked up on my love of color.   Or maybe they've discovered the joy in having a creative outlet, even at this early age.  Either way, I'm fine with it.  Especially since we found these great nail polishes that give you color without some of the nasty chemicals.

::  The girls and I made these peanut butter dog treats for our crazy 9 month old lab puppy, Bondi.   Dan affectionately (and sometimes not so affectionately) refers to him as his personal trainer.   The jar of treats below was a gift for Bondi's puppy pals, the dogs of a kind friend who's taking over the dog walking responsibilities for a few days after the baby is born. 

Indigo was sure that the dogs would prefer the leaf cookie cutter shapes because they "love to sniff out leaves".  They'd definitely want the dalmatian and fire hydrant printed fabric for the lid cover.  And for the label?  Well, a bone shape, of course!

That girl makes me smile.

And so does this girl.

Oh, does she ever!

::  Pinterest + the onset of late pregnancy fatigue = massive loss of productivity


  1. Wow. You have been busy. Love that little kiddo table. We have a plastic Ikea one and would much rather have a wooden one!

    Your late pregnancy ability is crazy impressive!

    I am keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Thank you....I am now ADDICTED to that charming party blog! I think I just read every post they EVER wrote! Just in time too since I'm going to try to do something creative for Halloween this year! :) Now, I'm SUPER excited!!! :)


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