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Decking {Our} Halls

We did most of our Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving while my mom was in town. Such fun! But having spent a Christmas or two with a brown, crispy tree, we've learned to wait just a little longer to buy our tree.

Now the decorations are all up, the Christmas music is playing (I'm loving this), and the kids are hatching plans for what they want to give to whom.  They've also 'helped' me wrap a few Christmas gifts for each other.  Do you think they'll be able to keep them a secret for another two weeks?  I'm not so sure...

Hoping your days are merry and bright!


  1. love love love the new look and name! so appropriate! that pic of the 4 is so cute! can you believe you have FOUR kids??? love that song you is a good CD, too:

  2. and i can't believe how big iris is already!!!!

  3. thanks for the recommendation, tish! i look forward to checking it out...

  4.'s beautiful! :)

    We're loving Dave Crowder's "oh joy" and tobyMac's Christmas Cd (most of it). Also, surprising LOVE the WOW Christmas 2011 CD. Yes....I bought 4 Christmas Cds this year (I usually allow myself one!). Couldn't help it, I LOVE Christmas music! :) (4th CD was Matthew it a lot too...)

  5. jenna,
    i will have to go on iTunes and check out your recommendations. thanks! i rarely buy new music these days because we listen to a lot of Pandora. i'm finding the Aimee Mann Holiday station offers a really nice mix of mostly traditional carols with a few of the classic secular christmas songs as well.

    thanks for reminding me about david crowder's christmas cd. dan and the kids were just at his concert a few weeks ago and *loved* it. i was at home in a milk stained t-shirt, sitting by a pile of unfolded diapers, consoling a fussy baby. it's a glamorous life i lead...


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