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Wee Wonderfuls Mermaiden

This past Christmas, Indigo had a mermaid on her wish list.  There was a pattern I was eying, but I wasn't sure that I would get to this project.  Feeling inspired on the night before Christmas Eve, I decided to give it a go, knowing I only had that night to finish it.

What I thought would take me an hour to finish stretched into a four hour project.  A project where my bobbin kept jamming, so seams needed ripping, and then the baby started crying so I was nursing while trying to hand sew the doll's hair in place.  I thought of the expression made with love and laughed a little.  This was more like made with frustration and impatience.  That doesn't have quite the same charm, now does it?

I wondered if she'd even like it...

To my delight, when she unwrapped her little mermaid on Christmas Eve night she gushed that she loved her and that she had no idea I could make mermaids.  The soft velvet hair was her favorite... and the rickrack flower.

Mermaiden has since road on the backs of horses.  (The tail is apparently no hindrance).

She's walked tight ropes.  (Again, the tail doesn't hold her back.)

She's swum in her very own, custom-made pool.

She is a sweet little doll.  And this really is a lovely project.  I'm so glad I finished it.  Just give yourself plenty of time.

Then you can honestly say that she was made with love, only love.

{For this project I used this free pattern, a sample project from the book Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang.  I used red velvet for her hair and Anna Maria Horner's  Loulouthi flannel for her fin.}


  1. Happy to hear that your perseverance was rewarded with such a gleeful reception. What a cute project.

  2. SERIOUSLY.....that's AWESOME! Love it!!! Maybe I can get Scot to sew one for Chloe! ;)


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