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A Lesson in Love

Comfortably perched in the haven of Dan's arms, Iris tracked my every move, eyes wide and present.  She was completely entranced with me.   Our eyes met and her smile lit up the room. I realized right then that babies offer love like no other.

 Their love is unconditional.

It's fully accepting.

Whether we're plain or fancy, rich or poor, through good days and harder ones, their love is unwavering.

They ask only for love in return. A ride in the sling,  a cuddle, some warm milk.  (Dan added, less sentimentally - to be walked around the couch again and again!)

In a world in which love is often offered on a strings attached basis, Iris's love is refreshingly pure, rich, full.   It inspires me.

Thank you, Iris, for sharing your love with us.  We couldn't love you more!


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