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A letter of love to my daughter Evangeline (by Dan)

Dear Evie,

I remember the moment when, back lit by the bright Ethiopian sun, you appeared in the doorway of the visitor room at Toukoul carried by one of your nannies.  Your eyes were bright and peaceful as Mom reached out to you and took you into her arms for the first time.  We took turns holding you that morning, amazed that we were finally with you.  It was an incredible moment that will be with me for the rest of my life.

I also remember the first night you were with us.  Mom and I felt heartbroken because you were so afraid as we went to bed with you.  You looked around the room, obviously very frightened and you had every right to be.  This was the 4th move for you in 10 months.  Nothing in your life lasted long.  Nothing probably seemed permanent and you were so small and vulnerable.

Now, two years later your laughter radiates through the house every moment that you are awake.  You wake up smiling each morning, your dimples like exclamation marks on both of your little cheeks. You are home precious Evangeline.

There are days when I think about your first parents and I wish we could show them that you are doing so well.  Show them that you are loved beyond belief, let them hear the laughter of you and your siblings and assure them you are healthy and happy.  I love you precious girl.  Thank you for letting me be your dad.  It is an honor unmatched by any other.

Happy Ethiopia Day Evie!


  1. I love you guys! So happy to have shared those first days with you all! XOXO from Robel and Char (AKA Team Williams!)

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! So thankful God brought you all together!


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