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Pomp and Circumstance (by Dan)

Today Evie graduated from speech therapy and her progress has been remarkable.  Not only is she going through a word explosion, but she has largely overcome her feeding issues and eats whatever the rest of the family is having (although she and I would both gladly eat peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner if allowed).

One of the other amazing changes has been her overall happiness level.  Another adoptive parent suggested a website all about feeding issues in adopted children.   It suggested running a series of labs to rule out a medical cause for feeding issues.  One of the tests was h. pylori.  She came back positive and underwent the intense antibiotic treatment for it.  The result has been nothing short of miraculous.  Poor Evie must have been absolutely miserable because following the successful eradication of h. pylori she became truly a different child.  The kid is happy almost 24/7.

She is also a total ham, entertaining the whole family with her antics.  We get a glimpse of what her birth parents might be like because she has little mannerisms that no one else in the family has.  Oh what a joy this child is!   On top of that she is very athletic.  Upon hearing something that made her happy the other day she shouted Woohoo!  ran across the carpet, leapt into a somersault and sprang back to her feet. Brains, beauty and athleticism.

Congratulations Evie!  You are a remarkable girl and you are loved beyond belief.




  1. Congrats, Evie. Such a joy to hear about of your progress!

  2. What an adorable young lady! She has come leaps and bounds since I saw her last! This is so wonderful to hear! I can't wait to see you all again!

  3. YAY! So glad to see Evie doing well. Thanks for links to the resources! May need them in the next couple years...


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