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Around Here

My kids are obsessed with playing with/in boxes.  This afternoon Indigo put Iris in one and said we had to have a photo shoot.

Today was Day 1 of kcwc.  I not only met the one hour time requirement, but exceeded it.  When I get started on a project, it's hard for me to stop.  I confess, I'm a bit of a sewing addict.  This meant Iris had a couple of hours in daddy's arms this evening.

Oh, it actually looked very little like this tonight.  I took those photos last weekend.  No, Iris was rather offended that I would consider doing anything other than hold and nurse her.  The nerve!  Dan played, carried, tickled and otherwise exhausted his bag of tricks.  The only thing that reliably worked was the Norwegians.  We Norwegians are good folks.

I plan to post photos of the skirt tomorrow... and stick to the one hour time commitment.   For everyone's sake.

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  1. M LOVED the pics of Iris in the box. I think they're pretty cute, too.


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