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Around Here

::  This weekend was Iris's first swim.  It's always so fun to witness our babies' firsts.  Sharing the moment with our other kids makes it even more special.  They couldn't have been more thrilled to have Iris join them in the pool.  (Though after the first few minutes,  Iris didn't quite share the sentiment.)

::  I've come to realize cooking has become a main creative outlet for me.  It's easier to create the time and space for cooking than it is for sewing.  The baby is happier in the sling when I'm moving while cooking or baking.  And it's something I can do with the other kids.  Evie in particular has become my right hand girl in the kitchen.   Here's what we've been enjoying lately.

- This sauteed red cabbage

- This coconut lime banana bread

- This no-knead white bread is divine.  (The link also has lots of great tips about bread making in general.)

- I've been loving this easy way to poach chicken.

- Once it's poached, I've been using it to make this chicken salad.  I toast the almonds and use cucumbers diced finely instead of celery to give it a little extra crunch.  It's simple, quick, and perfect for lunches.

That's what's been going on around here this week.  Oh yes, and lots of monitoring of the stairs.


  1. Ah, you have beautiful children! And you make some really yummy looking food! I definitely go through phases with sewing, and it's hardest to do when I have a very small baby who would rather be worn all the time. During those times, like you, I tend to get my creative impulses out in the kitchen more! But once Joe got a little older and was running around and playing by himself more, back to the sewing machine I went. Right now, he enjoys sorting my button bowl by color and practicing his scissor skills while I sew. He also loves to take pins out of and put them back in the pin cushion. Not sure the latter is strictly recommended for a three year old, but hey, you have to learn they are sharp somehow, right?

  2. oh yes, we have definitely played that game around here as well. :)


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