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For Mother's Day

Dan recently mentioned that discussions about heated or sensitive topics used to occur around tables, with cups of coffee in hand.  They happened face-to-face, where you could see how your words affected the person next to you, sense their level of agreement or understanding and gauge when the usefulness of the dialogue had ended.

Now these conversations frequently take place over the internet - where insults are hurled like hand grenades.  Where anonymity makes us feel free to say things we would never say in person.  Where one side rallies around a statement, cheering the person on, while the other side is left feeling more alienated than ever before.  In the process, we become even more polarized.

This turn of events has left me largely disenchanted with politics, the media, and most forms of social media.  It's also why I was ever so glad to see a blog post by Kristen Howerton entitled, Where is the Mommy War for the Motherless Child? - and just in time for Mother's Day.

via Kristen Howerton.

It's not that I feel our parenting choices are inconsequential.  I am forever grateful to those who  stretched, challenged and ultimately helped change my own views regarding parenting and adoption.  Yet these conversations took place in the context of grace, patience, and love - not judgement.

This Mother's Day (and every day!), I hope we can all extend a little more grace to one another... and ourselves.  I wish all of you mothers - and particularly my own mother, mother-in-law, and my grandmothers - a very happy mother's day.  Thank you for all you do!


  1. So, so true. I have been pretty disenchanted with the media too, especially this week. The "mommy wars" just divides women and sets them against each other, when what we really need is to SUPPORT each other (and the children who don't have mothers, needless to say). Thanks for the reminder!


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