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Fourth of July

Dan and I spent most of the Fourth of July continuing to clean dust off of everything we own.  The upside is it's much easier to part with things we don't really need when we'd have to wash, vacuum or clean them in order to keep them.  We're calling it the Great Purge.  We aren't pack rats to begin with so it's been pretty ruthless at times. 

Independence Day for the three older kids was heavy on the independence.  Requests were given to go play while we worked and oh no, please don't get into this box... or that one... and no fighting!  (We can try, right?)  With the promise of fireworks on the horizon, they were incredibly patient with us.

As 4th of July evening events neared, it was time to stop cleaning and get our party started.  I painted the girls' nails red, white and blue.

I told them we could do face paint (simple requests only!) while we waited for the fireworks to begin.




(All of the flags were painted by Dan.)

 I promised glow sticks.

Indigo told me I was the best mom ever.  Apparently, her bar for "Best Mom Ever" is low: nail polish, a little face paint and a handful of glow sticks.   Still, those sweet words are honey for the soul.

I packed our bag for the evening with a full heart, thankful for the simple ways my kids show me love in abundance, each in their own way.

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  1. Hang in there with the house! Love the fingernail and face paint, and that picture of Indigo and Iris is so sweet. ;-) And you ARE the best mom ever! :)


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