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There's no place like home... except when there is

It all started the last week of May.  We were going to move into an apartment for a week (ten days max!) while we had some work done on our house.  Our appliances had been on their way out for months.  Our bathtub was broken and the tiles in our bathroom were in need of repair.  It was supposed to be an easy enough job.

We should have seen enough episodes of HGTV to know better.

This led to that, and dry rot needed fixing, and while we're in there are very expensive words, we've learned.   The climax of it all was when they discovered a handful of gas leaks and told us we could have had a home explosion.  Indigo responded with, We would have had one way tickets for a family of six to heaven!

One month and 5 days later, we moved back in.  That was last Friday.  Our house still hasn't passed inspection on our gas line, which means we have no gas, which also means we have no hot water.  We have no working cooktop.  We have no working phone line.  We've spent the last three days wiping, washing, vacuuming a layer of dust off of every single thing we own. 

So there you have it!  It's going to be a few more days (weeks?) before I can happily click my heels three times and declare - There's no place like home!

outside a restaurant after a dinner out

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