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Pre-travel crafting extravaganza!

There's nothing like a trip back to the Midwest to give me the kick in the pants I need to finish projects that have been sitting for months.  This just so happens to be my pre-travel MO

 :: Like hemming these jeans that I bought last March.

{How the heck does one properly hem jeans?  Mine look s u p e r cheesy.  It looks like the professional hem was done with either a thicker thread or an embroidery-like stitch?  Not sure.}

:: A changing pad for the trip felt like a need instead of a want.

{I used my changing pad tutorial + echino cheater patchwork for the front and this laminate for the back.  I cut my bias tape from some linen I had on hand.  I highly recommend starching it as you press it.}

:: Last June my kids picked out their own pj fabric.  PJ pants were a must for this trip with the cold Wisconsin nights. 

With personalized tags.  {Tag inspiration from here and here.}

I was so excited to show the kids their personalized tags.  (I was waaay too excited about those tags!)  But I could tell Indigo's enthusiasm was feigned.  When I asked what was up, she confessed, "Being called 'Indi' is, well.... not my favorite."  Really - why not?  Mom, it's what you called me when I was a baby, so that means.... it's pretty babyish.

Apparently 'Ind' or 'Indigo' are much more mature sounding.

:: Last Christmas, I felt pretty clever when I finished Jude's pants with an extra wide hem to be let down as he grew.  So resourceful!  So thrifty!

So foiled by the crease!

:: I made ginger balls for the possibility (inevitability?) of motion sickness on the plane.  {I read somewhere that motion sickness is a good predictor of whether one would experience morning sickness.  Check and check.}

:: And I bottled one batch of vanilla extract that I started this summer.  {Labels by my lovely husband.} 

:: It also seemed like a good time to pass along an article on indiscriminately friendly behavior in adoptive children, as well peruse PubMed for other adoption-related research - which included this  encouraging article about how responsive parenting can moderate the effects of "early institutional deprivation".

:: This fall, I did an interview for the free online magazine Modern Homemade Child.  The interview happened to be published just hours before we left for our vacation.   The winter issue is here.  My interview starts on page 43 and primarily focuses on my thoughts on our adoption. I was so humbled to be asked.

When packing, cleaning and organizing looms, my creative juices get flowing!  I asked Dan if this trait of mine drives him crazy.  He tells me it doesn't.  What a guy!

Photos from our trip coming soon!


  1. Oh what great stuff! Hmmm...since I'm commenting so late at night do you think maybe I'll have dreams of visiting you??? ;)

  2. Love all the crafts and your article was a wonderful read. Just wanted to let you know that StichLab in Austin has a short class specifically on hemming jeans. I haven't taken it, but have a friend who swears by it for actually being able to match the look of your jeans...

    1. thanks so much, min! i would love to do that... especially if it would allow me the opportunity to see baby B after he/she arrives! :)

  3. Hey Rachel, I never comment anymore, but I still love reading your blog. I just thought I'd mention that I've used a hemming technique that allows you to keep the original hem. You basically start with the jeans right-side-out and fold up the cuff and then stitch right next to the original hem. (You're stitching on the inside.) Then you just flip the hem down and press it with a lot of steam and you're all done. Google "how to hem jeans with original hem" and you'll find much better explanations (and videos). You can trim the cuff if you'd like, but I keep it so I can take change the length of the jeans if I want.

    By the way, I love the personalize tag for the pjs. I may borrow the idea. :)

    1. Alisha! I was just thinking of you! Thanks so much for the comment. I did happen to google this after a friend mentioned taking a class on it and I saw the same thing. Unfortunately, the original hem of the pants is long gone. :( Thanks again for taking the time to comment! :)

  4. I'm very impressed by your pre-trip sewing - I do that too!
    I hem my jeans the "original hem" way too - it is less scary, because I know if I get the hem wrong I can just unpick. There's a good explantion here:
    Do you think the crease on Jude's pants will come out after washing? I don't think it matters anyway, since it's at the cuff it won't be noticeable, and anyway, it doesn't really matter for pyjamas.

    1. Suzy, the crease didn't wash out. :/ It's about an inch above the hemline. I'll just call it an added artistic touch! :)

      Thanks so much for the link! I'm bummed my original hem is in the trash. :(

      (That's a lot of emoticons!)


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