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Iris's First Haircut

It was that time of year again.  Time to shear the sheep... or get haircuts for the kids, to the layperson.  It was Iris's first haircut, outside of a few subpar bangs trims by me.  [Using a sharp tool near the eyes of a very wiggly baby is not as easy as it looks - and it's a little scary, too.]  As the kids were loading into the car, Jude remarked, "You do know that Iris is going to freak out, right, Mom?"  Actually I didn't know.  It's been a long while since I've had a pickyMcpick baby (since Jude) and I had long forgotten about the days of haircuts being a tumultuous experience. 

From the moment we set her into the fun car stool at the kids' haircut place, Iris started sobbing.  We knew it wasn't going to work unless she was in my lap.

She cried.

She wailed.

She realized it wasn't so bad.

And then decided it really was so bad.  

Iris saw the pediatrician this week, who commented, "Wow, she sure does have a strong personality!" after Iris clamped down on the tongue depressor instead of opening up to say ah.

Yup, she has a "strong personality".

Soon enough it was over and all was well in Iris Lucia's world again.

She may not be the most easy going baby, but she sure is irresistible (and perfect) to me.


  1. hehe, she's so cute with her new 'do! i've always cut my kids hair myself- mainly because my oldest (she's 4 1/2) is suuuuper shy around strangers and would FREAK out! I'm doomed though.... she totally needs a professional at this point!

  2. Aww I just found your blog, what a lovely family you have :) xx

  3. A strong personality will serve her well someday. ;-) And the haircut turned out super cute!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love her spunk! Her strength! Her adorable haircut! She's a keeper, for sure. <3 (Getting Joe's hair cut is also, er, a challenge, as well.)


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