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Ethiopia Day!

Three years ago today, I held our Tarikua Evangeline in my arms for the very first time.  It made me the happiest mom in the whole world.  It was the best day!  Dan made her laugh.  Back at the guest house, I snuggled her close while feeding her a bottle.  It was magical and extraordinary - an experience of a lifetime!   

It was awesome that the big kids were off of school today because it made for an all day celebration of our Ethiopia Day.  Shortly after waking, Jude showed Evie our flight path from Texas to Ethiopia... and back.

Indigo suggested that the kids wear their traditional Ethiopian clothes to celebrate the day.  They couldn't have been more excited about that idea--everyone that is but Iris. In the end, she complied.  :)


We came in and made our own Ethiopian flags out of construction paper.  Then we read about what each color and symbol represent.

Evie chose spaghetti for dinner.  Before we ate, we said a prayer for her first family, all of the nannies who cared for her and for all of the orphans in Ethiopia.

After dinner it was time for dessert.  Evie chose brownies.  Three candles for three years together as a family.  Each of the big kids blew out their own candle.  After, that is, we sang, "Happy Ethiopia Day to us! {cha cha cha!}" to the tune of Happy Birthday.

We still haven't re-adopted Evie through the US courts, so her name is actually Tarikua Daniel.  The Ethiopian courts give children their adoptive father's first name as their middle name.  When we do re-adopt her, we have decided to keep Tarikua as her first name and Evangeline will become her middle name. 

Do you remember my friend Emily who pumped breast milk for Evie for an entire year?  It's her birthday today!  I hadn't remembered that her birthday and our Ethiopia day coincided.   Just another amazing "coincidence" in the unfolding of our journey to our sweet daughter.   {There were many.} 

We are so thankful to have Evie in our family.


  1. Oh how special! Fun to see your pile of kiddos together; so cute. Happy Ethiopia Day!

  2. Oh, my heart! So much love and joy and gratitude in these words and photos. Bless your beautiful family!

  3. The clothes are absolutely beautiful! Did you design them yourself?


    1. Thank you! No, these are traditional Ethiopian clothes made in Ethiopia. :) But I agree - I think they are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, this is so lovely! I clicked through to your video of meeting Evie - could she be any more adorable?! - and your post about your friend who donated milk - gosh, I do not love pumping and I have to give myself constant pep talks about pumping at work, and how it's worth it so that I can breastfeed my baby girl! So I can *really* appreciate what a wonderful gift that was!

  5. Ahhh yes!!! Three special years since we met our precious Nicco Yeabtsega and your beautiful Evie too!!! Such a special time!! Happy Ethiopia day!!!

  6. Aww, this entire article is SO special! Thank you for sharing your celebration of Ethiopia day with all of us! The pictures are absolutely precious. I can't believe its already been 3 years! Your children are growing up so quickly and their love for each other is so clear. It seems like just yesterday I was over there hanging out with you guys and helping where I could. I am SO grateful for that opportunity and for the blessing that you and your family have been to me! Maybe one of these days I'll make it back to Texas.

    1. Thanks, Lauryssa! It IS so hard to believe it's been three years! You know you're always welcome back here. <3

  7. Chiming in late with a Happy Ethiopia Day! I love the way you guys celebrate. And the video of Evie with those baby chubby cheeks was adorable. The pictures of the older girls kissing Jude while Iris looked mischievous in the background are priceless--cracked me up! So, so sweet seeing all of them celebrate together. Tarikua is a beautiful name. Let me know if you want a lawyer reference for the readoption. We did ours in San Antonio and had a really good experience.

  8. just LOVE the group shots of your 4 blessings! And all in their traditional garb!

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