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Three birthdays - Five Days

It's birthday week here at our house!  Evie came first, with Dan's birthday the next day and Indigo's three days later.  I still vividly remember being a week past my due date with Indigo on Dan's birthday, which fell on Easter that year.  I was so hoping to go into labor that day but alas it was not meant to be.  She waited to be born until she was good and ready!


Indigo turned 6 this year.  I know I should insert some cliche about how fast the time goes (and it does in some ways).  But Indigo is so grown up, so mature, wise even, it's sometimes hard to believe that she's only six.


Best buddies with Jude, nurturer to her younger sisters, my little sidekick.  She so fluidly moves between roles... and does them all so well.


She's so sweet...


So silly...


So fun!

Happy 6th birthday, Indigo!  We couldn't love you more!


  1. I want to know where you found the tie dye wrapping kids would LOVE that! Unless of course, it is the one with the glitter - because then I side with Dan! :) And, actually, we just finished our birthday rounds here too....exhausting, right?! So fun, though, too...
    Happy birthday to all!

    1. Shannon, the tie dye paper is from Hobby Lobby. And nope, it's not the glitter paper so you're good. ;)

      YAY for birthdays! It is tiring, but Dan and I were just saying today that it would probably be more tiring if they were spaced apart by a week or so, don't you think? You're right - it is fun... and special this way. Hugs!


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