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Deep thoughts, Happy Photos

Dan and I have been closely following the coverage on NPR and the blogosphere recently on adoption, more specifically corruption in adoption.  It all makes my heart so heavy.  I've been particularly disappointed in the conversations that have ensued, which have become so mean, accusatory, and polarized.  Just when I was beginning to lose hope that civil, thoughtful dialogue was even possible in this world where those types of conversations don't exactly generate a lot of blog traffic, I read this article.  Yes!  This summarizes my thoughts as of late better than I could.

Iris is 19 months old now and today was one of the first times she was actively engaged in imaginary play with her dolls.  It really doesn't get more heart-melting than this if you ask me!


I'll gladly enjoy these heartwarming moments because when you're doing life with a tornado toddler, there are just as many moments that are, shall we say refining, too.  :)

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  1. I also LOVED that article on Rage. Why can't we all acknowledge each other's views (or the fact that adoption is much more grey than black and white) without attacking? Well, the article said it much better than I ever could...

    ADORABLE pictures of Iris!


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