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A Mini Marthe Dress and Jude's Children's Chorus Performance

My mission to re-stock Indigo's closet continues and up next was a Mini Marthe dress in a pin-striped linen from Jo-Ann fabric.

Mini Marthe dress

When I made my last Mini Marthe, I had mentioned that I was contemplating making a short-sleeved version, but worried it might be weird.

Mini Marthe Dress 

Elizabeth gave me her vote of confidence that it would work.  Later, I saw a short sleeved raglan dress when buying dress pants for Jude at a department store.  So I went for it.  I am really happy with the results.   I think it definitely works!  I might even like it better than the long sleeved version.

Mini Marthe 

In addition to shortening the sleeves, I also added some piping to the bodice and I took about 1/2" off of the neckline.  The neckline on this pattern is a little high otherwise.

mini marthe 

 This weekend, Jude had his final Children's Chorus performance of the season.  It was truly incredible.  These kids are so talented.  Dan and I were both so amazed and so proud.

children's chorus

In San Antonio, there's a citywide holiday called Fiesta, so this concert was called "Fiesta in Song".  They sang various folk and chorale pieces from Latin America, and some US folk songs and spirituals too.  It was such a fun concert!  They were also accompanied by various incredible musicians plus had the most amazing jazz quartet playing when the different choirs were moving on and off stage.  Dan and I both joked that we felt like we were in a sophisticated 1950s jazz club.  :)

children's chorus

Jude had to be at the Performing Arts Center two hours before the concert began.

jude pre concert

indigo in her mini marthe dress
Outside of the Tobin Center

So Dan, Indigo, Hazel, and I hung out on the Riverwalk for awhile.

biggest girl - littlest girl + daddy 

The Center is right on the Riverwalk, actually.

mini marthe

We had such a great time.  I really love this side of the Riverwalk.  It's so quiet and the trees are so beautiful, growing along the riverbank.

mini marthe

It felt tropical, like we were on vacation.

indigo in her new mini marthe 

While we were hanging out, we found this hotel called Hotel Indigo.  Definitely a moment worth capturing.

Indigo by Hotel Indigo

And here's the hotel entrance from the Riverwalk side.  Perhaps we'll have to stay there someday!  :)

hotel indigo

We've lived in San Antonio for over 9 years now and it's changed a lot in that time.


I'm really not that familiar with other Texas cities, since I am originally a Midwesterner.  But I'd say San Antonio has a distinctly different flavor from the other big cities in Texas.  Of course there is the strong Hispanic influence that sets us apart.  The food is amazing and it's not uncommon when I am out shopping to hear more people speaking in Spanish than English.  (Though I don't go shopping that often so I'm no expert.)  I really like that about this city.


It's also an old city, so it has a lot of character.

mini marthe 

But in recent years, there's been an investment in arts and culture, too.  The Pearl Brewery has been redeveloped and revitalized, there are some great restaurants in Southtown, and the new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts opened this year.  This city is getting better and better.


I could have taken photos on the Riverwalk for days!  And I found myself feeling quite grateful to live here.

Indigo in her mini marthe 

I had really hoped to take photos of Jude and Indigo together after the performance, but it was hot and the place was swarming with people at that point, with everyone trying to leave at the same time.  Since Jude had been standing for a really long time he just want to go home and relax.  And so he did.  Well, mostly.  After all, he does have four little sisters.  ;)

big family - big fun


  1. Oh my gosh, Rachel - that dress is really beautiful. The piping is a perfect detail. And I love that fabric :) And how nice that Jude likes to sing. I love to sing and remember the choruses I sang in as a child and a student very fondly.

  2. Oh, I love the dress but this post offers so much more! Beautiful music! City history and culture! It's like, so many of my favorite things, all in one place! I love it.

    I also feel a lot of pride that I live in such a diverse, multicultural, historically rich area. I am proud that my kids go to school with kids from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures and walks of life.

  3. Another gorgeous garment made by super mom! Pretty girlie and what a nice venue

  4. Your Indigo looks gorgeous in her dress!

  5. Oh, I love that linen with the perfect. Now time to pour through all your archives, I love it over here and I am in need of some sewing inspiration :)

  6. I didn't realize you were in Texas!! So fun. Love the dress too!!


  7. And this is exactly why I love coming to your blog - a bit of sewing, a bit of family life, and bit of culture . . . all wrapped up in beautiful photography! I adore Indigo's linen dress and am WAY impressed that you took on a French pattern. Somehow that seems even more intimidating to me than the Japanese patterns, unless they have great diagrams like the Japanese ones do? Clearly you managed it quite well as the dress is gorgeous, especially with the addition of the piping.
    And just have to add that I have three favorite photos from this post: the one of Jude waiting for the performance to begin (love that you were peeking in on him without him realizing it!), the close up of Indigo with the red pop bottle, and the last one with the girls tackling a giggling Jude. All so awesome.

    1. Hi Lucinda! I have not sewn from any non-translated Japanese books, but I will say that the Japanese diagrams I've seen have been easier to follow in my opinion than this pattern. This was a little bit tricky. In part because it doesn't show you how to finish the back (zip, button - your choice!) or how to finish the neckline. That said, it is an EXTREMELY simple pattern. So the second time, it was a breeze.
      And thank you for your feedback on my photos. That's really sweet! xx

  8. Phew, so glad it worked! Pinstripes + piping is a really wonderful combination. And what a lovely post in so many ways. I agree with Lucinda. Your writing and storytelling is just so lovely. Also, the Riverwalk looks like a magical place!

  9. ah! so beautiful!! this just looks gorgeous on indigo (who is gorgeous already, of course)! love the photos, love your mods - this version was finally the one to get me to purchase mini marthe! can't wait to give it a whirl. add seam allowances, lower the neckline, and bias to finish it, check!

    also yay jude! you're awesome! are you guys learning spanish just by virtue of living there? i had a friend that knew it conversationally (he was a super Irish white guy, it was hilarious) just by growing up in LA.

  10. Beautiful dress and family!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It's has been quite a while since I last walked the River Walk. Love it at Christmas!


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