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Another Reason to Limit/Turn Off the TV

I came across this article in the New York Times today entitled, "TV Background Noise Disrupts Child Play." I found it interesting, and thought some of you other mamas might as well...


  1. Rachel, this is a great article! Thanks for sharing! My husband, Chris, works with Dan. We have often discussed getting radical and getting rid of TV altogether as we have observed our children are much more creative in their playing when TV is not an option. While we do limit their TV, it still plays more of a role than I would like, particularly in the summer! I am not sure that I could do that though, because even though I don't watch a lot of TV myself, I am addicted to American Idol and Grey's Anatomy! :-) I am having a hard time coming up with new and different things for us to do about you? Shara Watkins

  2. Shara,
    We didn't incorporate tv into our daily routine until this past March. Dan had just come back from his three week trip to India and I was feeling pretty burnt out (understatement). Jude gave up naps almost a year ago, so, in March I started allowing him to watch one show when Indi took a nap. I would use the time to either lie on the couch myself or read. Now that it's summer, I am allowing more tv than I ever have before. I let him watch a show in the morning while I drink my tea/coffee, again when Indi naps, and then sometimes when Dan comes home so we can chat and get dinner going. We do not watch any adult programming during the day while the kids are up. We, too, watch American Idol! We also watch So, You Think You Can Dance and that pretty much sums up our tv watching. As you know, it's hard to keep the kids entertained here in TX in the summer -- so hot outside and the bugs are bad. In the fall, we will signficantly cut back on our tv viewing time. Keep me posted on what you guys decide to do!

  3. This makes perfect sense to me. It's hard to focus with the background noise going on (I for one find it hard even as an adult!)

    We have been TV-free in our household for about 3 months now and NO ONE misses it.



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