Burda Peter Pan Collar Dress #138

In my ongoing mission to restock Indigo's closet, I scoured the Internet for patterns that seemed right for her.   I keep getting derailed from the aforementioned mission by finding the cutest patterns for Tia and Iris.  Indigo's age is harder for me.  But this said, after doing some research, I'm excited by the possibilities, too!

burda peter pan collar dress

I landed on this pattern, Burda Peter Pan Collar Dress #138 to try first. 

burda peter pan collar dress

 Did you know that Burda has PDF patterns?  And they're only $6 each.

burda peter pan collar dress 

The pattern prints in a way that you don't have to cut away any paper edges to tile them.  That's pretty slick!  You can tape the pattern together in no time.  But you do need to add seam allowances.  Not a huge deal, but a little inconvenient to have to tile a pattern and add seam allowances.

burda peter pan collar dress 

I sewed the dress in a linen from Joann's.  After trying out a lot of different kinds of linen, I have come to the conclusion that Joann's is the best.  It's soft, unlike some linens which get hard or even scratchy when line-dried.  Also, they don't wrinkle as much as some of the other linens I've tried.   I have a tendency to leave my clean laundry in a basket for a long time before folding. So much ironing.   When will I ever learn?

burda peter pan collar dress 

Joann linen isn't cheap (price or quality).  The main fabric was $19/yard, but Joann's almost always has 50% off coupons (mobile ones, too) and the yardage is much wider than the typical 42-44" yardage that you get when you buy quilting cottons.  So it's definitely worth it and really, a great value.  I'm thrilled Joann's is carrying high quality linen that lasts.  (These napkins are still going strong!)

burda peter pan collar back  

You can't tell from the photos, but the fabric stripes came topstitched with silvery metallic thread.  It gives the dress a beautiful but very subtle shimmer that reminded me of being on a white sand beach.  I paired it with brown linen for the collar because the linen reminded me of a coconut which seemed to suit the light, airy, beachy feel.  :)

burda peter pan collar dress

And check out the drape of this linen.

burda peter pan collar dress #138 

It lays so beautifully.  Alicia Paulson mentioned that adding a wide 3-inch hem helps everything hang right, so I decided to give it a try.  That may have been part of it.  But this linen really is spectacular.  It almost feels like a double gauze.

I keep meaning to mention how much I continue to love Wondertape.  I use it to keep zippers in place before sewing them on, and man, that stuff is magic! The zipper stays perfectly in place and I can be sure the top stops are even and that the zipper isn't twisted before I sew it in place.  I have definitely had to rip out and redo my fair share of zippers, so this is an amazing discovery for me.  :)

burda dress back

Indigo and I went to take photos by a fence in our neighborhood when we discovered this field of wildflowers in bloom.  Incidentally, the very same thing happened last year.

burda peter pan collar dress

Indigo is a a nature lover and spends hours outside every day, building fairy houses, working in the garden or just playing.  She loves flowers, so she was in heaven being surrounded by all of these bluebonnets. She could have stayed here for hours.  I just sat back and quietly snapped away as she did her thing.

indigo and the bluebonnets 

It felt enchanted, really.  Like something out of a fairy tale.

burda peter pan collar dress

Kids are so awesome.  We adults might give the wildflowers an appreciative glance whereas kids just get in there and enjoy and experience them.

indigo :: bluebonnets

I've read that some people feel blog or Instagram photos make life seem too perfect.  I disagree, in part because I know that no one's life is perfect.  But also because I feel almost the opposite is true.  I believe it's actually quite difficult to adequately capture the beauty and sentiment in these everyday moments on camera.   It takes lots and lots of practice.  I've been working at it for 3 1/2 years and I still often don't get it right.  The camera just can't see like the human eye (or heart).  And yet I'm thankful for the opportunity to try.

indigo :: bluebonnets

Have a happy weekend!


Our Second Grade Waldorf {Christoperus} Homeschool

Today I wanted to write about homeschooling.  We love homeschooling!  I don't generally post much about it here, though I've been posting more about our daily life on Instagram.  But occasionally I do like to share how things are going, mostly because I have learned so much about homeschooling by reading blogs.  And also because some of you have asked what we do.

We mostly follow a Waldorf approach in our homeschool.  If you are wondering what Waldorf education is, here is a good, brief summary.  This year we chose a curriculum called Christopherus and it is the perfect fit for Indigo.  I really can't say enough good things about it.  We love it so much.

We've adopted Waldorf principles in our home for several years now and it's helped me on a practical level.   But more than that, it has brought so much beauty to our days.  It's so much more than an educational philosophy.

beeswax gnome
gnome by Indigo :: beeswax modeling


The Mini Marthe Tunic

Well, guys, we finished the declutter and it turned out to be a major undertaking... but it's done!  It took 8 days and there was not much free time in there to sew at all.  It's surprising how much we've managed to accumulated over the years, especially considering how much I dislike shopping.  Except for fabric shopping... obviously.  :)


I didn't think we were that bad off.  All of our kids' clothes are in labeled in tupperwares, by age and category, with pretty stamps even.  On the surface, we had it together.  But we suffered from what we like to call avalanche syndrome.  I'd be searching for herbs and spices ever so carefully so as not to knock one over and get avalanched.  Same thing with our pantry.  And our kids' toy closet.  The kids had a dump-and-mix going on with some of their toys (and even some of their puzzles!) so there was so much to sort through.  And these kids of mine - they're packrats I tell ya.  They don't want to throw anything away.


Ottobre 4/2013 No 14 and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

It's Spring Break here and being the wild and crazy people we are, we're in the middle of a massive declutter a la The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (inspired by Sanae here).  First, a confession: I didn't actually read the whole book - I only read the first 50 pages.  But Dan took one for the team and read it for me on his Kindle while laying by Iris waiting for her to fall asleep.  Sometimes that takes a long time and the book's a fast read.

ottobre 4/2013 


Ottobre 6/2013, No11

Well, I'm not an easy one to surprise, but Dan pulled one over on me this time with his post for my birthday.  I had no idea that he had written it until I read the first comment in my inbox.  I was temporarily very confused and then, of course, touched.  He's a sweet one, that guy!  I'm so thankful to be married to him.

ottobre 6/2013 no 11


Happy Birthday Rachel! (By Dan)

Your blog has been hijacked, my love, but for a good reason!

You are always the one documenting our family milestones, writing about our kids lives and describing what is going on in our home, yet you are the one who drives this place and makes it hum so beautifully.