The Ishi Dress

What better way to kick off a post about a Straightgrain pattern than to first address the pink elephant in the room.

Oh, you know the one.  The one where I called one of my most beloved patterns, the Hanami dress, the Hanimi dress, for like.... years.  Yeah, that.  (Insert that emoji of the monkey covering her eyes.)  You guys were so gracious not to correct me.  It's like that awkward situation where you're not sure whether to tell your friend or co-worker that they have spinach in their teeth.  I get it.  I usually look the other way, too.


Dear Prudence Dress in Bouquet in Duck Egg

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a fellow sewing blogger.  While I hadn't previously met up with a sewing blogger, I have met quite a few different adoption bloggers.   The first time I met up with someone I had only known through blogging, I was a little nervous about it.  Would it be like an awkward blind date?  But it has never been awkward at all.  In fact, every single time it was like connecting with an old friend.


Simplicity Vintage Baby 1600A for Hazey Mae

Hazel will be 11 months old tomorrow, so I am trying to get in that last bit of baby sewing for her while I still can.

This is Simplicity Vintage Baby 1600A. I dress Hazel in the bloomers I made all the time, so this seemed like a natural extension of those.


Because Home's Cool : Jude's Fourth Grade Year

In my last post about homeschooling, I talked about the Waldorf approach to education and why it has worked so well with Indigo’s learning style.  The Christopherus homeschooling curriculum excites me.  I am truly passionate about it.   And it is no understatement to say the overall philosophy has revolutionized our home life.  The emphasis on rhythm and structuring our days with an in-breath/out-breath flow works beautifully.  So in a sense, a Waldorf approach is embedded in our family life.

jude : 4th grade 


The City Gym Shorts in Love Bug by Tamera Kate

I've wanted to make a pair of City Gym Shorts, a free pattern by Purl Soho, ever since I saw Carolyn's navy with gold trim version here. (So cool, right?)

city gym shorts 

Kristin also made an awesome pair of shorts for her daughter that inspired me as well.  They weren't the City Gym shorts, but they had a similar look.  They're both racer shorts with an 80s feel that show off the girls' adorable knobby knees.  Yes, please.


A Geranium Dress, This Time with Growth Pleats

There's no doubt about it, I am an enormous fan of the Geranium dress.  Yeah, I know, who isn't?  I didn't claim I was original, I was only stating the facts.  :)

geranium dress with growth pleats