Ottobre Wood Mouse Dress and Meadow Green Top

When I received the winter edition of Ottobre in the mail, I was so excited to see a dress that looked exactly like the Hanna Anderssen playdress.  I immediately called my best friend in Madison (Wisconsin) who got me hooked on these dresses back when Indigo was a baby.  She also sews and I couldn't wait to share the news with her.

wood mouse dress and  meadow green top (ottobre) 

 Each year, I'd wait for the dress to go on sale and then buy one, and only one, with the coordinating leggings for my girl(s).  They would wear the dress weekly and I always thought they looked so cute in them.


Hazel is Three Months Old!

Last week, Hazel turned three months old.  I feel like I should say I can't believe it, that the time has flown by.  But the truth is, it's hard to imagine our family without her.  It feels like she's been with us all along.

hazel theodora

It's been fun to get to know her little personality.  She has this old soul look in her eyes.  I noticed it from the moment I first looked into them.  Others have commented on that as well.


Two Pretty in Peplum Tops

There's no denying it now - I am wholeheartedly on the knits bandwagon.  In fact, the last fabric order I placed had more knits than wovens!  So I was excited to have the opportunity to try Abby's Pretty in Peplum pattern for her pattern tour.

pretty in peplum

This is one of the best patterns I have ever sewn.  Her instructions are so thorough yet so concise.  How does one do that?!  It's an art and an accomplishment!


The Hattie Dress

When I was introduced to the Hattie dress pattern through Flip This Pattern, I knew I wanted to make this dress for Iris.  The ruffled neckline, the inverted pleat, the curved hem - there's just so much to love!

hattie dress 

The finishing on this pattern is a bit sparse.  It reminds me of a Japanese pattern.  For instance, the dress is unlined, so the seam at the neckline and ruffle is exposed (on the inside of the dress).  My kids are pretty picky about anything that feels remotely itchy to them, so I lined the dress.  I also understitched the neckline.


The Sunday Picnic Dress

I first had the opportunity to sew a pattern by Suz of Sewpony Vintage this summer when I tried out her Cosi swimsuit pattern.  I went on to make it 5 times.  Needless to say, I'm a fan.  So when she told me she was working on a new dress pattern, I was excited to see what she would come up with.  And it's here: her Sunday Picnic dress.

tia and the sunday picnic dress

When I saw Suz's version here, I couldn't wait to sew this pattern.  Isn't her dress fabulous?  I kind of want to copy it exactly, it's so perfect.  But this time, I made this mustard corduroy-with-birds dress for Tia.


My Flip This Pattern {Hattie} Dress

This week I was a guest/competitor on Emily and Ashley's Flip This Pattern.  It's kind of ironic because I am so not the competitive type.  I'm more of the 'let's gather everyone together for a big group hug' type.  :) But I do enjoy the challenge of altering a pattern.  So when Emily and Ashley asked me, I was in.   (And if you saw my post over there, most of this post will be a repeat.)

flip this pattern hattie
The pattern being flipped was the Hattie Dress by Brownie Goose.