The Made By Rae Baby Sunsuit in Cotton & Steel Double Gauze

While poking around the Internet in search of the right pattern to sew for Hazel for her first birthday, I stumbled upon a free tutorial by Rae- the baby sunsuit.

This was one Made By Rae pattern I somehow hadn't discovered previously.  I'm so glad I found it, because it's so darn adorable... and also free!


Singapore Math Daily Schedule : Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5

During the last two summers, I spent nearly 20 hours creating a Singapore Math daily schedule for grades 2-5.  The Singapore Math Instructor's Guides lay out a rough weekly schedule, but trying to sort it out each week kind of made my head hurt.  It has been so much easier to do it all in one sitting and then know exactly what needs to be done every day for the entire year.

I thought I would share it here, in case it might help you, too.


Happy First Birthday to our Dear Hazel... and an Origami Party

Last week Hazel went and did it!  She turned 1 year old!

We all joked that it was not permitted, not approved, not allowed.  But she did it anyway!  ;)  I think that's a great sign that we all enjoyed her babyhood, more than words can say, really.

At least a month ago, Indigo declared that Hazel's birthday party would have a theme and that theme would be... origami.


The Purl Bee Gathered Skirt + an Ottobre Sleeveless Top

Last weekend we checked out the extended weather forecast and saw we were in for another week of 100+ degree weather.  So we decided to start our homeschooling year early and are officially back at it!

First Day of (Home)school!  Sadly, Iris broke her arm this summer :( which I wrote about here and here.  

Indigo is growing so quickly, I can hardly sew fast enough for her.  Ready-to-wear (store bought) clothes do not fit her well at all because she is so tall and thin.  I'm always altering patterns quite significantly to make them work for her long and lean build - often sewing a size 6 chest size and a size 10 or 11 length.

I know it looks like Indigo is ready to head off to college, but actually she's in third grade this year.  ;)


The Ishi Dress

What better way to kick off a post about a Straightgrain pattern than to first address the pink elephant in the room.

Oh, you know the one.  The one where I called one of my most beloved patterns, the Hanami dress, the Hanimi dress, for like.... years.  Yeah, that.  (Insert that emoji of the monkey covering her eyes.)  You guys were so gracious not to correct me.  It's like that awkward situation where you're not sure whether to tell your friend or co-worker that they have spinach in their teeth.  I get it.  I usually look the other way, too.


Dear Prudence Dress in Bouquet in Duck Egg

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a fellow sewing blogger.  While I hadn't previously met up with a sewing blogger, I have met quite a few different adoption bloggers.   The first time I met up with someone I had only known through blogging, I was a little nervous about it.  Would it be like an awkward blind date?  But it has never been awkward at all.  In fact, every single time it was like connecting with an old friend.