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A Dear Prudence Dress

Two years ago I made Tia a Dear Prudence dress, pattern by Suz from Sewpony Vintage. Each of my children has their own unique style and each has specific favorites of the garments I make.  For Tia, her Dear Prudence dress is one she has worn again and again, to the point that it's so faded from being washed so many times.

It was time for another dress! I knew I wanted to make this one in a Cotton & Steel rayon called Birch Eggplant after seeing a gorgeous dress in this same fabric by Jill on Instagram.

Of all of my kids, Tia tends to be my girl who gravitates toward bolder prints - and she wears them so well!


Another Juliette Dress

Even though the weather here in Texas won't feel like fall (at least by most people's standards) for another month or so, I am ready for some fall sewing. First up, another Juliette dress for Iris.

Iris wore her first Juliette dress a lot, so I knew I would make another one for her.  My kids don't always wear every dress I make for them and definitely land on their favorites.  They generally like casual dresses with simple lines. If anything feels too fancy, it gets relegated to a near permanent position in the closet. Although, thankfully, that happens infrequently, as I have come to know their individual preferences more and more.

Even though the Juliette dress does have the ruffled neckline, it has an overall casual feel that pairs well with Iris' beloved cowgirl boots. She wears her other Juliette dress with a crocheted cardigan a lot as well. So this is one pattern that she loves.


Another Scarborough Fair Skirt

After I made Indigo her first Scarborough Fair skirt, she wore it all the time. When we went to Colorado, she chose it to wear to the Wild + Free family camp. She also wore it on her first day of homeschool co-op.

It's so rewarding to see the clothes I've made worn and loved. I don't make handmade gifts very often for others anymore because many people don't value them.  A recent article on my pregnancy app was titled something like "How to Respond to Handmade Gifts" and subtitled "What to Do When Friends or Family Don't Purchase from Your Baby Registry".  It was clear that handmade gifts were considered inferior and undesirable.

Rather than take it personally, I've come to realize I'd rather not invest the time and effort into making things for others unless I know they will appreciate them. Because let's face it - it's a lot of work! And that's one reason that I enjoy sewing for my kids so much! They really do value them.


A Geranium Dress for Hazel

After returning from a vacation to Colorado, I came back with an insatiable desire to sew something. Maybe it was due to the three weeks I went without touching my sewing machine at all. I had been knitting a lot, which I love. But I realized how much I enjoy the process of sewing - and listening to podcasts. They go together like peanut butter and jelly for me. Except I don't really like peanut butter and jelly, but you get the metaphor. ;)

The weather in Colorado felt perfectly fallish, at least for us Texans, and we saw so much wildlife - mule deer (or "reindeer" as my little girls called them), turkeys, rabbits, rolypoly squirrels, and there was even a mama bear roaming the neighborhood with three bear cubs. Perhaps it was our time there that inspired me to make this autumnal Geranium dress for Hazel in an organic poplin called Cottage Garden by Monaluna.


The Juliette Dress

As soon as the Juliette dress pattern was released, I knew I wanted to make one for Iris. It's not often that I sew with Liberty lawn, but for this dress, it just felt right. But before the fabric arrived, I realized that, of all of my girls, Iris had the most dresses.  So I tabled the dress (literally and figuratively) and decided to make a few outfits for my other girls first.

I always have lots of ideas brewing about what I hope to accomplish and had a long list of summer sewing goals. But my kids were sick a lot this summer - not all at once, but one at at time. Nearly every week, one of my kids has been sick. Combine that with the fact that Hazel gave up naps about a month ago, and my sewing time has been sparse.

I have found knitting to be a more practical and calming hobby during this season of caring for my little ones (and sick ones!) with a spirited, non-napping toddler always by my side. I can pick it up and knit a row here and there, without having to worry about Hazel grabbing my pins or rotary cutter. Learning knitting has been an exciting discovery in its own right.


The Scarborough Fair Skirt

Indigo is growing up into such a lovely young lady. She's ten years old, but is very tall and carries herself with so much grace and confidence. I wish I would have had her confidence at 10. I mostly remember feeling awkward during those middle childhood years.

As soon as I saw the Scarborough Fair skirt pattern, I knew it would suit Indigo well. This is a new pattern by Alicia Paulson. I am a huge fan of everything that Alicia makes. Her taste is impeccable and she has such a beautiful consistency to her style.  A nightgown she made for her daughter with embroidered trim down the center was the inspiration for my Christmas nightgowns this year.

This pattern was created to work for all ages and all sizes because it is made up entirely of rectangles. You just plug your measurements into a simple formula. This gives you the cutting dimensions for your project that will be tailored to fit your unique body shape.