The City Gym Shorts in Love Bug by Tamera Kate

I've wanted to make a pair of City Gym Shorts, a free pattern by Purl Soho, ever since I saw Carolyn's navy with gold trim version here. (So cool, right?)

city gym shorts 

Kristin also made an awesome pair of shorts for her daughter that inspired me as well.  They weren't the City Gym shorts, but they had a similar look.  They're both racer shorts with an 80s feel that show off the girls' adorable knobby knees.  Yes, please.


A Geranium Dress, This Time with Growth Pleats

There's no doubt about it, I am an enormous fan of the Geranium dress.  Yeah, I know, who isn't?  I didn't claim I was original, I was only stating the facts.  :)

geranium dress with growth pleats


A Family Vacation and a Hoodie for Jude

Last week, we were away on a family vacation and had the best time in San Diego-Coronado.

la jolla cove


The Limon Top and Brindille and Twig Bloomers

Next week Hazel will be 10 months old.  Of course, I reflect on how quickly the time flies with a baby in the house.  But I've also found myself wondering how I've let almost an entire year pass without doing much baby sewing.  It's such a unique and short time and part of me wishes I would have done more sewing for her this year.

hazel in the limon top


A Retro A-Line Dress - #136 by Burda Style

I feel like we're stepping out into bold territory with this dress for Indigo, given that she has recently expressed a strong preference for wearing neutrals and muted tones.



One Very Big Week

Last week was hectic and intense (thus the lack of a blog post -not that you noticed), first and foremost because Iris had to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.

iris gets her tonsils out