A Hummingbird Dress

Last summer I made three Hummingbird Dresses for my girls and they wore them all the time. They were the perfect sundresses for our hot Texas summers. The girls continued to wear them into the fall and spring paired with a cardigan. That looked so cute on them and it made the dresses so versatile.

I made quite a few modifications to this pattern, so I wanted to share them here.


The Geranium Expansion Pack

Last February, Rae asked if I would be interested in doing some freelance work for her, specifically if I would like to sew the samples and shoot the photos for the cover of her most recent pattern release, the Geranium Expansion Pack. This is an add-on pattern to her wildly popular Geranium dress pattern, of which I have sewn many.

This was different than the sewing I normally do in that it was a true collaboration. From choosing the fabrics to deciding which options we would choose for each dress, Rae was guiding the process every step of the way. Ultimately what I wanted most of all was for her vision of what the dresses and pattern cover would look like to become a reality.


The Brindille & Twig Foldover Shorts + Lap Neck Tee

Greetings and salutations! I took a little break from blogging, because as I shared on IG here, we are expecting another baby! My pregnancy sickness was so intense in my first trimester that I had to go to the urgent care twice to get 2 liters of IV fluids each time. The first time, I was so dehydrated it took the head nurse 4 tries to get the IV started.  My vein kept collapsing each time they would start the drip, even when they started it slowly. But I'm turning the corner now and am finally feeling so much better.  Praise! I am 15 weeks this week!

Today I am sharing two Brindille and Twig patterns: the foldover pocket pants/shorts and the Lap Neck tee. I got into sewing knits during my first trimester because they are so fast and satisfying. I felt productive without a huge time investment. It was a nice little break and distraction when I was feeling unwell. I also made several of the B+T newborn patterns (here) and then a pair of foldover shorts and a tank top for Iris (here).


A Polly Pinafore by Bebekin Patterns

A couple of months ago, Diorella from Bebekins Patterns launched the Polly pinafore pattern and sent a copy to me.  She knew of Iris' love of pinafores and thought Iris might enjoy another one.

I had been planning to make another one anyway, but my vintage McCalls pattern was a size 3. (Vintage patterns generally come in one size only.)  Iris' chest measurement is a size 3, but she is a size 6 in length, so the proportions of the McCalls pattern were no longer looking quite right on her, even after I added lots of length to the skirt.

I was happy to have a new pinafore pattern that comes in a wide range of sizes, where I can tailor the pattern pieces to fit Iris perfectly.  I was also so happy with the overall fit!


For the Coffee and Thread Pattern Tour : A Polina Dress

Today I'm happy to be sharing my contribution to the Coffee and Thread pattern tour.  I've seen so many beautiful creations and awesome hacks using Olga's patterns! You can scroll through some of those photos here. So inspiring!

I decided to sew another Polina dress without making any changes to the pattern.  Because as far as I'm concerned this pattern is perfect already!


The Laure Dress

When An released the Laure dress pattern,  I had originally planned to make the version with what I will call the "neck" bow (ahem). But then I saw Trine's version of the dress here and I knew I wanted to make one exactly like it for Indigo.

I wouldn't have thought to put these pattern options together in this way myself, but I love it.  Trine has the best taste and I especially love her picks for her daughter who is right around Indigo's age.  It was Trine who got me on my Mini Marthe kick a couple of winters ago, too.

I wanted an oversized rather than fitted look for this pattern.  Indigo measured as a size 8 in the chest but I cut the size 10.  (She will be 10 next month!).  It did end up being a little bit too big under the arms and gaped a bit, so I brought in the side seam by 1/2", tapering it down to the original seam allowance at the bottom of the bodice and that worked perfectly.