The Ila Dress

Hello and happy new year!  For my first sewing project of 2017, I decided to make the Ila dress, a pattern by my dear friend, Olga from Coffee and Thread.

I always love an opportunity to play with stripes, especially on a dress like this one with such beautiful, clean lines.  I cut the pattern so that the stripes run vertically on the yoke, center panel and skirt pieces and horizontally on the side bodice pieces. (The fabric was printed with the stripes running vertically.)

One of my favorite features of this pattern is the hidden pockets.  This is also the one photo I have where you can see the true color of the gold piping. It's a pre-made piping I found at one of the big box stores and it worked well for this project!


A New Pinafore and the Joy of Finding Eggs

I'll never forgot how excited my kids were on the day they discovered one of our chickens had finally laid an egg.  After months of waiting, it actually happened!

A friend told me later that each of our chicken's eggs would continue to bring joy. I wasn't so sure.  I assumed the kids would get used to it after a few weeks, that it would lose its luster.

I'm both surprised and happy to report that I was wrong.  So far, six months later, all five of our kids still love finding eggs!  Just this morning Indigo walked in with a smile on her face, cupping an egg in her hands and said, "Mom, it's still warm!  It's the best feeling, especially on a cold day!"


Ash Pants, Bloomers, and Two Flashback Skinny Tees

I never envisioned myself as a person who would enjoy sewing basics.  When the Flashback Skinny tee made its debut several years ago, I remember wondering why I would ever want to sew a tshirt. They are readily available for purchase, whereas the dress patterns on the market are often so unique in their design.

Eight Flashback Skinny tees later, I can decidedly say I have changed my tune.  One thing that hooked me on this pattern is the fit.  If you are looking for a fitted tee pattern, this one can't be beat.  (If you're looking for a looser, more sweater-like fit, I love the Mini Briar, especially in a cozy, sweater-y knit.)

I assumed I would find it boring to make something so simple over and over again. But it turns out, I actually find it relaxing and rewarding.  They come together quickly, which is always so satisfying.

I also enjoy the mindless element of sewing tees, where I can plug in to a podcast and some music and relax, without having to think too much about how it will all come together.


Vintage McCalls 6673

I'll never know why my girls develop an affinity for a particular pattern that I sew.

Their favorites aren't always predictable.  This summer Iris and Tia wore their Hummingbird dresses every chance they had.  One of Iris' all-time favorites was the Schoolhouse pinafore, which I sewed in a brown linen.  I would've never expected her to be so crazy about a simple, brown linen pinafore.  She called it her Sneaky Squirrel dress.

Apparently she has a thing for pinafores, because this is Iris' new favorite.  I have never seen her so excited about a dress before.  She literally wants to wear it every single day!  I made it over a month ago now, but her enthusiasm for it still hasn't waned.


The Flashback Skinny Tee + Brindille and Twig Bloomers

After I made Tia's Ash Pants and Flashback Skinny tee, I decided to make a mini version of the outfit for Hazel, but with bloomers instead.

I had actually never tried the Flashback Skinny tee pattern! :O  I know! I was an Ottobre subscriber. It isn't a cheap subscription, so I wanted to use what I already had on hand.  But I wasn't quite satisfied with the finishing on their instructions.  In the end, I always felt my tshirts looked handmade... and not in a good way.

I was also looking for a fitted tshirt and I knew the FBST was a tried and true pattern.  Let me tell you, it does not disappoint!  This is a must have pattern!  After I made Tia's, I went on to make three more in one weekend.


A Sewing Block Party for Celina :: The Ash Jumpsuit Pants

Today I'm happy to be joining in on the Sewing Block Party for Petit a Petit Patterns.  Every day this month, bloggers will be sharing creations made using Celina's patterns.

I am a huge admirer of Celina's work.  Her incredible Pinterest boards have provided me with so much inspiration over the years.  Her lifestyle photography on her personal Instagram page is absolutely stunning.  And her patterns are truly exceptional. Celina has such great style!

It was hard to decide which of her patterns to make, but I landed on her Ash Jumpsuit (pants) pattern.  I had wanted to sew these pants for Tia since last year.  I knew they would be so her