The Oliver + S Playtime Dress and Leggings

The season is finally changing here in Texas.  That means I'm storing away the girls' summer dresses and pulling out our fall and winter clothing.   I've been taking inventory of what my girls need and the list is surprisingly long.  Our store bought knits from winters past don't seem to hold up nearly as well as our mama-made wovens do.   That means new clothes for everyone this season.  I started with the Oliver + S Playtime Dress and Leggings for Tia.

I was slow to come around to this pattern, but now I really, really love it.  Like I wish I could sew three dresses for each of my girls in this pattern.   You know, if I had all the time in the world. 


The Oliver + S Swingset Skirt, an Ottobre Sleeveless Top and an Ottobre Cardigan

A couple of week ago, I shared my plans for the Oliver + S Swingset Skirt.  And after several late nights of sewing, I completed the outfit I set out to create.

The Swingset Skirt is a simple and fast pattern.  It would have been even faster had I not sewn the right side of my skirt front to the wrong side of my skirt back while burning the midnight oil.  My lights were dim enough that I didn't realize I had made a mistake and kept right on going with the next few pattern steps.


Bloomers and the Very Best Jacket from Shelley McStitch

I think I officially have a favorite baby-toddler pattern in terms of both practicality and cuteness and that's the Brindille and Twig Bloomers pattern.

I made two previously and I reached for them whenever they were clean.  They were in heavy rotation over here, although Hazel is finally growing out of them.


The Oliver + S Swingset Sew-Along and Halloween 2015

Did you guys hear about the Oliver + S Swingset Sew-Along?  It starts next Monday.  In addition to the sewalong, there is also a competition and a chance to win $100 to spend on the Oliver + S website.  They invited me on board as a panelist, so today I am over on the O+S blog sharing my plans for my Swingset skirt.  I've wanted to make this one for a long time, mostly inspired by Gail's amazing versions in the past.  I'm really excited to sew this one up!

I also wanted to share some photos of our Halloween, since that's been my tradition here on my blog (and because my kids are my most avid blog readers!)

This year the kids decided to go as the Little Red Riding Hood gang.  There was no arguing over who would be who between the three girls.  Indigo wanted to be the Grandma, Tia wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, and Iris couldn't wait to be the big, bad wolf!


Girl's Flouncy Dress :: Burda #144

Last week was kids clothes week and I wanted to attempt to participate this time, although I'll be honest- an hour every day is largely out of reach for me.  So my goal during the week was to carve out time during one of Hazel's naps to sew.  Just one.

And I did.  It was my second attempt at a raglan top with a ruffled neckline from Ottobre.  And I'm still not exactly sure what went wrong.  Maybe it was my fabric.  (I think it was my fabric.)  Both times I made the top, the neckline got completely and irreparably stretched out.  Of course, this happened after I just recently blogged about how easy it is to work with knits!

It got me thinking a lot about creativity, failure and risk.


Iris Turns Four... and a Felt Crown

On Saturday, we celebrated Iris' 4th birthday!

We try to keep our birthday parties simple but special.  We have a tradition where we always celebrate birthday's eves.  Iris had a class party at her preschool on her birthday's eve.  Then that evening, we baked her birthday cake together.