A Hummingbird Dress and Felt Flower Crown

Summer is officially here and while we lucked out with unseasonably cool temperatures for a long while, that's now a thing of the past and the sweltering heat has set in at full force.

I was in search of a simple little sundress pattern for my girls, something breezy, light, and cool.  I discovered the Hummingbird dress on Erin's feed on Instagram.

As an aside, I have to say that Instagram is where I get most of my inspiration these days, even over Pinterest.  There's so much beauty there!


The Miss Polly Dress in Kaufman Railroad Denim

Hello, Hello!  I took an unintentionally long blogging break as we wrapped up our homeschooling year, completed 21 hours of standardized testing, and took a celebratory road trip getaway to the Texas coast, where unfortunately both Iris and Hazel were very sick with a stomach virus.  After all of that, I needed to sit and just stare out the window for awhile.  But, with five kids, that obviously didn't happen, either.  Haha!  Anyway, I'm back, today with the Miss Polly dress by Suz of Sewpony Vintage.

 I had hoped to take photos of this dress while we were away at the ocean.   I hemmed it just moments before we were about to leave.  I didn't want to make my family wait, so I zipped it through my serger and then my sewing machine, pedal-to-the-metal style.  I was quite proud of myself for how quickly I hemmed it. No one even seemed to notice.

It wasn't until Indigo was struggling to put on the dress while we were on our getaway that I realized I  had accidentally sewn the front inner skirt panel to the back skirt, making it literally impossible to put on.  womp womp


Another Mori Dress in Double Gauze

After I made Iris' Mori dress, I knew I wanted to make one for Tia, too.

Tia and Iris have been in the cutest stage recently where they love to dress alike.  Since they don't have matching dresses, this often requires them to pair leggings with a tshirt - worn backward so any differences like a flower, bow or pizzazz-y print are facing the back.  From the front, it appears as though they match perfectly.


A Mori Dress in Double Gauze

The Mori Dress is a pattern I had wanted to make ever since I saw photos of it floating around Instagram back when it was still in its testing phase.

The pattern is by Heidi from Elegance and Elephants.  She always creates the best patterns!  Her Bohemian Babydoll dress is one of my all-time favorite patterns.  (I've made it three times : here, here, and here.)


An Eleena Dress in Shot Cotton

After I sewed Iris' Eleena dress, I knew I wanted to make another one, this time for Tia.

I had planned for this to be her Easter dress.  Then life got busy and kids got sick and my laundry was accumulating and... you know how it goes.  The Easter dress was not to be.


Newborn Gowns

Spring is such a beautiful time of year to be born, with new life in full bloom all around us.  We just celebrated three birthdays in our family: Tia's, Dan's and Indigo's, which all fall within four days of one another.  I vividly remember being 9 months pregnant with Indigo  (9 years ago already!) and unpacking a container of newborn clothes a couple of weeks before her arrival.  As I did, I looked out the window at our Texas redbud tree which was bursting with purple blossoms.  We were so eager for her arrival!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sewing for a couple of babies, coincidentally due on the very same day.  I knew I wanted to make newborn gowns, using the pattern I created after Hazel was born.  I loved dressing my babies in gowns.   Since there are no zippers or snaps, it made diaper changes so much easier, especially those middle of the night ones where you're fumbling around, half-asleep in the dark.

I made the first gown for my sewing friend, Tara and her little guy expected to arrive any day now.