Establishing a Home Life or Homeschool Rhythm

Creating a home life rhythm did not come naturally to me at all.  I am a free spirit.  I don't like to be bossed around, especially not by the clock.  Schedules felt constraining, if not suffocating to me.  I wanted our days to be wide open to whatever possibilities, needs, or opportunities arose, whether that was meeting a friend for lunch with my kids in tow, creating an enormous mess doing crafts, or snuggling in together, reading as many books as we could.   We had a general routine around nap time and bedtime, but other than that, our days were mostly unstructured.

For awhile, that worked for us.  When I only had two kids, I appreciated the freedom.  After we adopted Tia, she was such an amazing sleeper, sleeping 12 hours at night and 3 hours during the afternoons, that we naturally fell into a rhythm.


A Knit Jumper

When you hear about women who make their own clothes, I think the jumper is the quintessential garment that comes to mind, especially amongst the general population.  Incidentally, it was the first garment I ever made for myself, in a pink floral quilting cotton, back in 7th grade when I bartered with my aunt: babysitting services for sewing lessons.

When I started to get really into sewing as an adult and young mother, one of my friends said that she appreciated my newfound interest, but that if I started sewing jumpers for myself she was cutting me off.  That was just in too deep


Hazel and Me and Three Lark Tees (plus a Seafarer Top)

I first started sewing 7 years ago with the intention of sewing for myself.

I dove right in and sewed a couple of skirts and a couple of tops.  But I quickly realized that I didn't care for wearing quilting cottons and my stuff looked really handmade, in a bad way.   The pieces I made hung in my closet, unworn.

At the time, there weren't a lot of fabrics on the market outside of quilting cottons, at least not where I live, and no where near what's available online now.  So I decided to focus on sewing clothes for my kids instead.


A Sad Lesson about the Circle of Life (and an Oliver + S Playtime Dress)

On Wednesday afternoon, the kids were playing in the backyard with our next door neighbors' kids.  They moved in last summer, they have four children, they also homeschool and it's been a match made in heaven.  Truly, we are so grateful.  They have been an enormous blessing to us!

They have a dog who is sweet and loving toward their kids, but is also a hunter.  It has alerted the parents to poisonous snakes in their yard by barking and leading them to the spot where the snake is.  Then she kills the snake.  She's really an incredible dog.

Well, on this particular day, the dog heard the kids playing in our backyard and got very excited.  Although it had never happened before, the dog somehow got out of their backyard.  Then it got into our backyard through a board that had been broken on our gate.  We were unaware that it was broken because we rarely use it.  The dog slipped through it and then she saw our chickens.


Three Great Sewing Products, A Mini Briar Top and Playtime Leggings

From the moment I saw the Mini Briar pattern, I knew I wanted to make a version of it with a ruffle attached to the hemline.

Then I saw this version with the heart applique and elbow patches and knew I had to make one like that, too.

So I decided to put the two ideas together and this is what I came up with.


Another Plaid Mini Marthe and a Cowl

A couple of months ago, I was at JoAnns looking for plaid flannel for Jude's Christmas pajamas.  Alongside of the flannel I chose for Jude was this cream plaid flannel, which I felt was begging to be made into an Archer.

So I picked it up, thinking I might tackle some self sewing for a change.  However, working with Jude's plaid (same line - different colorway) convinced me that this was not the right fabric choice for my first Archer.