A Velveteen/Linen Blend Quilt and 'Hazel' on a Canvas

We started homeschooling again last week.  With Hazel 'waking up' and starting to get quite fussy, let's just say things were pretty intense, even with Iris in preschool two mornings a week and Tia in half-day kindergarten.

hazel and me

It's been awhile since I've had kids in preschool, so I may have gotten a little carried away in my daydreaming (romanticizing, really) about how things were going to go.


I had visions of nursing the baby on the couch while coaching my two big kids through math in a quiet house.  I went so far as to envision cutting out a pattern or two while the baby peacefully slept and Jude and Indigo diligently worked, breaking their concentration only to sharpen their pencils.

ind and hazel

Yeah.   It went nothing at all like that.

ind and hazel 

 The truth is, though, if there's one thing I've learned from being a parent it's that everything goes so much better when we make our way through our days without expectations, allowing things to unfold as they will.  I was dreaming more than expecting.

biggest-littlest biggest-littlest biggest-littlest

And speaking of things I was not expecting, I was so thrilled/surprised/grateful to receive this, Hazel's name embroidered and sewn onto a canvas, by the amazing and talented Lucinda!

'hazel' by lucinda :) 

Isn't it so cool (and special)?  Lucinda is just the best!  Not only do I adore her style, but I also feel a special connection with her as we are both adoptive parents.  Thanks again, so much, Lucinda!

While I didn't do any sewing this week, I did want to share a project I finished before Hazel was born.  It just so happens to be one of my favorite things to give as a gift (and one of my favorite things, period) - a whole cloth velveteen quilt.

AMH velveteen quilt

This one went to my acupuncturist who had previously been my midwife when I was pregnant with both Indigo and Iris.  She retired from midwifery and started an acupuncturist practice at the hospital where my midwives practice.


She only works with pregnant and postpartum women with the explicit desire to make acupuncture affordable to all women.  So she charges significantly less than the other acupuncturists in town and caps women's payments at 4 visits, so they never pay more than the cost of four sessions, even though she will continue to see them.  Isn't that amazing?

hand tied velveteen quilt 

Also she's the only acupuncturist in our area who carries the insurance to be able to do acupuncture for induction.  It's not an 'induction' in the Western medical sense of the word, but helps to get the body moving in the direction of labor.  Though as it turned out, she was able to get me into labor after several sessions... and bringing out the big guns - her electric stimulation machine.  It's actually the second time acupuncture with electric stim has put me into labor, where I literally started contracting on the table.  But both times I was 41 1/2 weeks pregnant and this time my midwife also did a (what Dan would call medieval) technique which also got things going, but I'll spare you the details on that one.

essex linen/velveteen quilt

I made this quilt even before my acupuncturist got me into labor, though, because I feel what she's doing is so incredible.

velveteen quilt - hand tied 

This is Anna Maria Horner's velveteen with this Kaufman Essex linen-cotton blend in Leathered as the backing.  I hand tied it with pearl cotton embroidery thread using a surgeon's knot  and then bound it using this zig-zag technique (which I love).

velveteen/linen essex quilt


Another Newborn Gown with a (free) pattern to come

Do you remember how I mentioned I didn't do much sewing for Hazel during my pregnancy because when I sewed for Iris while pregnant nothing ended up fitting her?  Yet, despite the bad luck with fit, I decided to give these newborn gowns a try.  As it turned out, those gowns are way, way too big in the neckline, at least on my baby.  Here's Hazel in one.

too big newborn gown
wah wah

That gown was right out of the drier and I photographed her in it immediately.   It was only going to stretch out more from there.  Also, I forgot to add the seam allowance to this neckline so it's my smallest neckline of the three gowns I made from the pattern.   When we brought Hazel home from the hospital she was an absolutely tiny (at least in my world) 7 lbs 4 oz.  Then, I had hoped she'd grow into them.  Now she's a whopping 9 1/2 lbs.  Growing into them is not going to happen.

Nonetheless, Hazel has been living in newborn gowns.

newborn gown

They are easy and so convenient for diaper changes.  My pal Rachel from Stitched in Color is pregnant and suggested I create my own pattern.  She wanted to make a gown for her wee one on the way.

newborn gown 

And so I did.

newborn gown

I'm really happy with the way the pattern/gown turned out.  I'd like to make at least one more version and then I hope to make the pattern available for free.   Writing out tutorials takes me a really long time, so it may take me a month or so to make it all available.

newborn gown

Also, I tried out stretch thread for the first time.  I can't attest to how it will hold up long term, but so far, I really like it.  I mentioned here that I was having some trouble with my hems breaking but I thought stretch thread was expensive at $10/cone.  It turns out, it's much less expensive than I thought and I found it on sale here for $3.44/cone (2,000 yards).  It looks like the sale might end today, though.  I bought it in a few basic colors.  Shelley suggested buying a medium gray because it works well with so many other colors.  Brilliant, Shelley!

newborn gown

Hazel is doing so well and we are all pretty smitten with her. Of the kids, Indigo in particular is absolutely crazy about her.

sisters sisters

I like to call Indigo 'Mini-Mama' because she likes to swoop in and hold Hazel at every chance she can get.

hazel and indigo
hazel hazel indigo and hazel

I can't say I blame her.  I find her irresistible, too.


Dan says it's no wonder babies are called little bundles of joy, because they are exactly that - and such little bundles, too.

our bundle

Of course, that's not to say every moment is only joyous.  Hazel cries with gusto and when she's awake, she pretty much insists on being in-arms at all times, usually mine.  But, at least so far, she also sleeps with gusto.  This is unchartered territory for us, having a newborn who likes her sleep.  And I'll tell you, it makes things so much easier.


A Skater Dress, School Days, and Hazy Days

Tomorrow I will officially have a kindergartener.  This girl right here.

playing dress up
  Tia, playing dress up

Late last spring, we made the decision to enroll Tia in an art-based, play-based half-day (morning) kindergarten program.  Iris will be joining her two mornings a week, too for their young 3s program.  They have an outdoor classroom, a vegetable garden, and Tia will only have nine other kids in her class.  It's perfectly our philosophy.  It will give her something fun to do while I work on homeschooling with the older two kids.  And I won't be as stretched at home.  Jude and Indigo came to homeschooling knowing how to read and write, having been in school, and that worked so beautifully for us.


 Tia is absolutely obsessed with art and after we toured the school she asked, "Can I started tomorrow?!"  She's so excited.

tia the artiste

Of course, such a big occasion as starting school for the very first time called for a special dress.  I chose the Skater Dress (highly modified).  I shortened the bodice, added width to the skirt and gathered it, and left off the sleeves.

skater dress 

I bought the fox fabric here.  I had planned to use it to make something for Iris last spring, but the moment Tia laid eyes on it, she fell in love and asked me, ever so sweetly, if it could become hers.  How could I refuse?  I love when my girls share in my enthusiasm for fabric.

skater dress

 Tia was so excited to try on her new dress for the first time.  But when we got outside to take photos, she said, "Mom, how about this?  You give me a treat or in every picture, I will make this face."

skater dress

I said, "Ummm, no.  How about this?  All dresses received with grumpiness will be returned to me."  :)  And with that, I lucked out and she cooperated.

skater dress

Hazel is doing so well and we are soaking in all things newborn.  She's such a sweet, sweet baby.  It's been hard to come up with a suitable nickname for her.  Indigo calls her Swazel, a combination of Sweet Hazel.   I've found myself calling her Hazy. I've been kind of obsessed with taking photos of her.  Newborns change so quickly and I'm astonished at how hard it is for me to remember the details of my other newborns.  Maybe it's because newborn days are kind of hazy in their own way.   Here are some photos of our Hazy days.

hazy days 
  hazy days 

hazy days 
hazy days  
hazy days  

  hazy days 
hazy days hazy days
hazy days


Settling in with Hazel... and a little about her name

Hazel is 9 days old already and settling in so well.  She is such a sweet baby and seems to have an easy going temperament.  She loves to be held during the day, mostly by me.  When I'm holding her, she's happy as a clam.  When Dan or the kids hold her, she usually starts to get fussy and sometimes just plain mad.  She's not content out-of-arms for long.  But considering that while I was pregnant I was 'holding' her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even holding her 12 hours a day is 50% less than she was used to.  I am loving my Boba wrap even more than my Moby.  It makes carrying her so easy.  The truth is, I'm pretty much addicted to my newborns!  I love having her snuggled up next to me.

newborn hazel

So far, she's sleeping well.  She doesn't have her days and night confused, which feels like a miracle. That's a first for us.  (I feel like I'm tempting fate by even putting that out there!).

newborn hazel

The kids are adjusting so well.  We were most concerned about Iris.  Iris had been the 'baby' for almost 3 years.  I wondered how she would do, but so far, she's been sweet and loving toward the baby.  It's been such a relief and a joy to see all of the kids interacting so beautifully with their new baby sister.

newborn hazel 

After we had Iris, we weren't sure if she would be our last.  We wanted to wait to make any decisions and see how life unfolded.  I lived as though she would be.  I was in such a sentimental place after I had her and that made everything so intense.

newborn details 

By the time Iris turned 2, Dan and I thought we wanted to have another baby, but we also thought we wanted to wait awhile to decide.  I said a prayer, releasing it and asking that if we were meant to have another child, that Dan would have a strong feeling about it when the time was right.

newborn hazel 

The very next day, Dan said he felt there was another soul meant to be raised in our family and that if we got pregnant then, in the fall, he would have time off over the holidays to help me more during my first trimester.  (As it turned out, I did have very bad morning sickness and his help meant the world to me.)

newborn hazel 

It was all rather spontaneous and yet so right.  And so we named her Hazel, which comes from the Hebrew word Haza'el: God sees.

newborn hazel 

Hazel's middle name, Theodora, is a Greek word that means 'gift of God'.

newborn hazel 

It wasn't until we adopted Tia that I was able to slow down and really appreciate the beauty of the day-to-day with my kids.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed Jude and Indigo so much.  Yet I was more inclined to think ahead to the next thing rather than fully appreciating the moments right in front of me. While I was pregnant, I looked ahead to their births.  When they were newborns, I looked ahead to their first smiles.  When they were smiling, I looked ahead to hearing their laughter for the first time, and on it went.

newborn details 

But by the time Tia came into our family, I had finally learned not to rush it.  The time by goes quickly enough already.  I started to enjoy the moments for what they are - gifts.  Beautiful, amazing gifts.

newborn hazel

And so is she.  Hazel Theodora, our precious gift.