The Juliette Dress

As soon as the Juliette dress pattern was released, I knew I wanted to make one for Iris. It's not often that I sew with Liberty lawn, but for this dress, it just felt right. But before the fabric arrived, I realized that, of all of my girls, Iris had the most dresses.  So I tabled the dress (literally and figuratively) and decided to make a few outfits for my other girls first.

I always have lots of ideas brewing about what I hope to accomplish and had a long list of summer sewing goals. But my kids were sick a lot this summer - not all at once, but one at at time. Nearly every week, one of my kids has been sick. Combine that with the fact that Hazel gave up naps about a month ago, and my sewing time has been sparse.

I have found knitting to be a more practical and calming hobby during this season of caring for my little ones (and sick ones!) with a spirited, non-napping toddler always by my side. I can pick it up and knit a row here and there, without having to worry about Hazel grabbing my pins or rotary cutter. Learning knitting has been an exciting discovery in its own right.


The Scarborough Fair Skirt

Indigo is growing up into such a lovely young lady. She's ten years old, but is very tall and carries herself with so much grace and confidence. I wish I would have had her confidence at 10. I mostly remember feeling awkward during those middle childhood years.

As soon as I saw the Scarborough Fair skirt pattern, I knew it would suit Indigo well. This is a new pattern by Alicia Paulson. I am a huge fan of everything that Alicia makes. Her taste is impeccable and she has such a beautiful consistency to her style.  A nightgown she made for her daughter with embroidered trim down the center was the inspiration for my Christmas nightgowns this year.

This pattern was created to work for all ages and all sizes because it is made up entirely of rectangles. You just plug your measurements into a simple formula. This gives you the cutting dimensions for your project that will be tailored to fit your unique body shape.


Two Janie Dresses in Nosh Knits

There aren't many patterns that I feel work well for all three of my oldest girls. To me, there are certain patterns that have a distinctly toddler feel to them, others that seem to work best for the preschool - early grade school period, and finally others seem best suited for older girls. The latter category is by far the hardest for me to find!

After I made a Janie dress for Iris, I knew I would make one for Tia, too.  But after I made Tia's, I realized that this dress would also look really great on Indigo. I am always happy to find a pattern that suits Indigo!

Indigo had been eyeing Tia and Iris' dresses, and when I asked if she'd like me to sew one for her, too, she said she'd love one.


A Geranium Dress for Hazel in Kokka Double Gauze

Hazel will be turning three next month - (!)  I know! Like her siblings before her, she's in a stage of being extremely opinionated about pretty much everything right now. We have Fiestaware dishes in a variety of colors, but she only wants the purple plate at every meal.  She will have a colossal meltdown in the car if we don't play her favorite song... on repeat. (And we won't.) She only wants to wear two dresses, this Geranium dress and this Caroline Party dress, both of which I made for Iris when she was Hazel's age.

We try not to cater to all of her demands. And in time, she is learning to become more and more flexible. But one demand I am happily willing to oblige is her desire to wear the handmade clothes I've made. (Ok, that and the purple plate.) ;) Unfortunately, being she had only two favorite dresses, I'm just not that great at keeping up on laundry.


A Hummingbird Dress

Last summer I made three Hummingbird Dresses for my girls and they wore them all the time. They were the perfect sundresses for our hot Texas summers. The girls continued to wear them into the fall and spring paired with a cardigan. That looked so cute on them and it made the dresses so versatile.

I made quite a few modifications to this pattern, so I wanted to share them here.


The Geranium Expansion Pack

Last February, Rae asked if I would be interested in doing some freelance work for her, specifically if I would like to sew the samples and shoot the photos for the cover of her most recent pattern release, the Geranium Expansion Pack. This is an add-on pattern to her wildly popular Geranium dress pattern, of which I have sewn many.

This was different than the sewing I normally do in that it was a true collaboration. From choosing the fabrics to deciding which options we would choose for each dress, Rae was guiding the process every step of the way. Ultimately what I wanted most of all was for her vision of what the dresses and pattern cover would look like to become a reality.