An Eleena Dress in Shot Cotton

After I sewed Iris' Eleena dress, I knew I wanted to make another one, this time for Tia.

I had planned for this to be her Easter dress.  Then life got busy and kids got sick and my laundry was accumulating and... you know how it goes.  The Easter dress was not to be.


Newborn Gowns

Spring is such a beautiful time of year to be born, with new life in full bloom all around us.  We just celebrated three birthdays in our family: Tia's, Dan's and Indigo's, which all fall within four days of one another.  I vividly remember being 9 months pregnant with Indigo  (9 years ago already!) and unpacking a container of newborn clothes a couple of weeks before her arrival.  As I did, I looked out the window at our Texas redbud tree which was bursting with purple blossoms.  We were so eager for her arrival!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sewing for a couple of babies, coincidentally due on the very same day.  I knew I wanted to make newborn gowns, using the pattern I created after Hazel was born.  I loved dressing my babies in gowns.   Since there are no zippers or snaps, it made diaper changes so much easier, especially those middle of the night ones where you're fumbling around, half-asleep in the dark.

I made the first gown for my sewing friend, Tara and her little guy expected to arrive any day now.


What I learned from Mie

Today I am so excited to share with you a surprise for Mie from Sewing Like Mad.  If you don't know Mie, she is a mother, sewing blogger and a professionally trained seamstress from Denmark, though she now lives in the US.  She has been so generous toward those of us in the sewing community by sharing her vast knowledge and her time with us.  So Ines and Celina collaborated to make this video, honoring Mie.  In it, various sewing bloggers share what we have learned from Mie.  There is so much great advice packed into this five minute video.

In the video I share one of the things I've learned from Mie, which is how to sew a collar so it lays flat against the dress and so the underside of the collar isn't showing.  You can find that tutorial here, near the end of the post.

Indigo wanted me to say that we're sorry about the background noise in our clip and that Hazel's just kind of a handful right now.  (hehe - #truth)

What I learnt From Mie from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

Thank you so much, Mie, for sharing your knowledge with us - and for sharing yourself!  

With Love!

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Our Sunbeam in Burda : Drawstring Dress with Ruffled Sleeves

When I was pregnant with Iris, I saw an acupuncturist to help me with my morning sickness.  This particular acupuncturist was from Taiwan and I always enjoyed my conversations with him.  He often had great insights or reflections about health or American life.

One of the first things he told me upon hearing I was pregnant was that it was very important for me to think positively.  "You must focus on the good and the beautiful and the true. Align your thoughts with these things.  Also, you must only listen to beautiful music - no rock and roll!  And only positive movies and television programs.  If you do these things, you will have a happy and peaceful child."

I was skeptical.  "Really?" I asked.


Homeschooling with Main Lesson Books

One of my favorite parts about Waldorf education methodology is their use of main lesson books.  Instead of using workbooks or worksheets, students compile their work in main lesson books.

Main lesson books contains a child's very best work.  Time, care, and attention is poured into each page.  When students work through workbooks or worksheets, sometimes they rush through, with the goal being to finish them as quickly as possible.  With main lesson work, the opposite approach is taken. Children are encourage to slow down, to work with intention.  It becomes the cultivation of a discipline.


Simplicity 9830 (Vintage)

Hazel is almost 19 months old already and I have not done nearly as much sewing for her as I would have liked.

Being she is our fourth girl, the clothes we have had stored away for her are largely in rough shape.   My kids are so hard on their clothes!  She really does need a few new things.   So when I do sew for her, I try to look for patterns that pack a lot of punch on the cute scale and that I know I can dress her in again and again.