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The Scarborough Fair Skirt

Indigo is growing up into such a lovely young lady. She's ten years old, but is very tall and carries herself with so much grace and confidence. I wish I would have had her confidence at 10. I mostly remember feeling awkward during those middle childhood years.

As soon as I saw the Scarborough Fair skirt pattern, I knew it would suit Indigo well. This is a new pattern by Alicia Paulson. I am a huge fan of everything that Alicia makes. Her taste is impeccable and she has such a beautiful consistency to her style.  A nightgown she made for her daughter with embroidered trim down the center was the inspiration for my Christmas nightgowns this year.

This pattern was created to work for all ages and all sizes because it is made up entirely of rectangles. You just plug your measurements into a simple formula. This gives you the cutting dimensions for your project that will be tailored to fit your unique body shape.

I made the pockets a bit smaller than recommended and cut them at 6"x15". This kept the basic proportions of the original pockets, but sized down a bit for a 10 year old.

I used a Japanese yarn-dyed plaid shirting for this project. It was relatively inexpensive and I found it here at this new-to-me-fabric and yarn shop called Red Beauty Textiles.

One really great thing about this shirting is it hardly wrinkles at all, while worn or coming out of the dryer.

Indigo has taken a particularly liking to this skirt paired with a sleeveless shirt and has asked if she could wear it to a few upcoming events, including her first day of homeschool co-op next month. So it has her stamp of approval. I love it on her, too!

It's a sweet, simple pattern and one I'll definitely make again.


  1. She looks very stylish in it! I'd consider making one for myself if I didn't have enough skirts already. It's definitely a pattern to remember!

  2. I love the skirt, but I also love Indigo's pairing of it with that top. She's really beautiful.

  3. She wears it well! I'm convinced she would look sophisticated in anything and I have a feeling I know where that comes from...

  4. She is beautiful! The skirt looks lovely!

  5. It's so lovely on her, Rachel! The fabric is so summery and light. Indigo carries herself like a dancer and seems to have so much poise. Like you, I was awkward at ten; no, I was probably a lot more awkward than you! SUPER AWKWARD. But it's nice to know that maybe that's not everyone? Maybe some people escape?

  6. Sometimes simple things are the best, right? Glad to hear Indigo likes it! What a wonderful fabric that hardly wrinkles!


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