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Another Juliette Dress

Even though the weather here in Texas won't feel like fall (at least by most people's standards) for another month or so, I am ready for some fall sewing. First up, another Juliette dress for Iris.

Iris wore her first Juliette dress a lot, so I knew I would make another one for her.  My kids don't always wear every dress I make for them and definitely land on their favorites.  They generally like casual dresses with simple lines. If anything feels too fancy, it gets relegated to a near permanent position in the closet. Although, thankfully, that happens infrequently, as I have come to know their individual preferences more and more.

Even though the Juliette dress does have the ruffled neckline, it has an overall casual feel that pairs well with Iris' beloved cowgirl boots. She wears her other Juliette dress with a crocheted cardigan a lot as well. So this is one pattern that she loves.

On my last Juliette dress post, I asked if anyone had any tips for making the back part of the collar less ruffled.  I got a lot of great suggestions, which you can find in the comment section of that post.

Thanks so much, guys! The sewing community is so awesome!

I decided to go with the easiest option suggested by Masha, which was to simply overlap a portion of the back part of the ruffle piece. That worked beautifully. (Masha is in general a genius when it comes to perfecting fit.) I overlapped the back middle portion - between the shoulder notch and back edge - by 3/4". Then I cut a muslin and gathered it to be sure I was happy with the fit. That was all there was to it.

I added 1" in length to the ruffle, like I did last time. Also, rather than sew the back edges of the ruffle to be flush with the edges of the dress back, I cut a 3/4" triangle off of the back ruffle at each back edge. This allowed the ruffle to lay flatter.

 The dress back ties with bias binding. Make sure to order enough fabric if you plan to go with this option. I had to do some serious pattern layout ninja-ing to make this work.

I made this dress in a Japanese cotton lawn from Miss Matatabi. It's from the same line as Indigo's skirt here. It washes and wears so beautifully. It reminds me of a Liberty lawn, with just a bit more substance. I ordered them both months ago, and I'm not seeing it on her website now. She might be sold out?

Thanks again for the ruffle alteration suggestions. I'm so happy with this outcome.


  1. You are making me blush! I'm glad my suggestion worked. That fabric is lovely.

  2. Masha is totally a genius with fit! I could not agree more! I love this dress - the fabric, the style, Iris! - and the back ruffle really lays nicely now. It's funny, I actually thought it was fine before, and didn't think the ruffle needed changing myself, but with the change that you made, I can see it is in fact an improvement! this is why sewing blogs are awesome. Thank you as always for writing about your experiences!

  3. The dress is so sweet and she is the cutest! I You always make the best things! My Ania also prefers simple silhouettes, Evelyn on the other hand... 😆

  4. It's so pretty! I need to make a Juliette in a lawn too! I love dark florals also. Beautiful dress!

  5. Such a lovely style on Iris, and I love that fabric too!

  6. Gorgeous. I love how she can dress anything with cowboy boots and pull it off! Congratulations on the tooth losses Iris. You and Audrey are gappy twins now.

  7. A gorgeous dress. The ruffle looks perfect. Great to know you have ninja skills ;) I too feel I do better at sewing what my girlies really really want to wear :) It feels great when they reach for mama-made things :) And toothless smiles are the best!!!


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