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Another Scarborough Fair Skirt

After I made Indigo her first Scarborough Fair skirt, she wore it all the time. When we went to Colorado, she chose it to wear to the Wild + Free family camp. She also wore it on her first day of homeschool co-op.

It's so rewarding to see the clothes I've made worn and loved. I don't make handmade gifts very often for others anymore because many people don't value them.  A recent article on my pregnancy app was titled something like "How to Respond to Handmade Gifts" and subtitled "What to Do When Friends or Family Don't Purchase from Your Baby Registry".  It was clear that handmade gifts were considered inferior and undesirable.

Rather than take it personally, I've come to realize I'd rather not invest the time and effort into making things for others unless I know they will appreciate them. Because let's face it - it's a lot of work! And that's one reason that I enjoy sewing for my kids so much! They really do value them.

Indigo recently auditioned for a larger role in a musical at her homeschool co-op. She was so excited to audition for part, which involved singing the harmony line with two other singers. I asked if she wanted me to sew another Scarborough Fair skirt to wear to the audition. She said she would love that.

I had this pretty Japanese floral cotton lawn in my stash that I ordered months ago from Miss Matatabi. It's so lovely. Indigo approved, so I got to work.

I made it the weekend before the audition. I ironed it and hung it in my closet, so it would be ready for her to wear on her Wednesday co-op day.

Then the school week got away from us. Like it often does. And I got behind on my laundry, like I often do. She woke up on her audition day, and came downstairs wearing this handmade dress. I remembered the skirt but realized - she didn't have a clean shirt to pair with it.

She is so easygoing and was just fine with the dress she had on. She auditioned and got the part!

Then she wore this skirt to school the following week. Jude told her she looked like a character from Little House on the Prairie - and he did not mean that as a compliment. But she has confidence in spades and wore her new skirt with joy.

On the topic of treasured handmades  - my dear friend, Rachel, from Stitched in Color is teaching an online course called Stitched Holiday. The course offers 10 holiday projects for your home - or to gift to those you love (and who you know value handmade!). ;)  Rachel and I met and a friendship began when I took her Handstitched course 5 years ago. I can't say enough good things about her or her classes! They are such an amazing value and she is a great teacher.


  1. Such a sweet skirt! I love the story about the dress - I am relieved to hear that other people have laundry problems, LOL! And she got the part anyway! And she looks like someone from Little House, but for me, that IS a compliment! Are you taking the holiday class? I was thinking about it! Love Rachel's work, never tried a class!

  2. Hah I had to laugh at the Little House on the Prairie comment. JUDE!!! Even if it could be construed positively, siblings have the ability to really grate on eachother, don't they?? :)

    1. It sounds deliciously normal to me!
      What a divine child. I agree on the hand made gifts, I don't sew for others unless I know they want it, which is rather selfish of me as I LOVE hand made gifts.

    2. I think we value them more because we know the time and effort (and cost!) involved in making quality handmade items. :)

  3. Congratulations to Insigo, that's so exciting! Lovely skirt and photos.

    I have also cut down a lot on handmade gifts, though I also inadvertently offended a friend last year who I guess was expecting a hand sewn baby gift. I didn't have time. Oops.

  4. She looks so lovely (as always) in her skirt. Everything you make for your children is so beautiful! I don't often give handmade gifts either, as I think they often go unappreciated, so I am happy making things for my family at the moment. And speaking of families....ah siblings! My older daughter recently got her hair cut very short, and of course her sister had to say, "You look like a boy!" and that wasn't a compliment either. Fortunately, it didn't bother her at all. Here's to strong, confident girls!!

  5. Congratulations on getting the part Indigo. The skirt is lovely Rachel and this pattern does suit her so well.
    As for handmade gifts I take the approach that there's so much fun to be had in the making that I can't get bothered by the receiving. My kids have trained me to that approach with sewing as well. Oh and I try to make projects that I want to make, but don't wish to own - that always makes the giving away bit easy :)

  6. I am glad to hear Indigo got the part! I love singing, and I most enjoy singing a harmony part. She chose a beautiful dress for her audition. Her skirt is lovely. Ah siblings hehe


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