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Anyone have a wipe?

The kids were at the end of their ropes when we were grocery shopping today so I bought some chocolate covered pretzels to hopefully quiet Indigo's screams.  They only had a couple pretzels in the store, so I promised them a few more once we all made it into the car.  I gave Indigo three on the ride home.  Jude said, "Mommy, Indi has a little chocolate by her eyes.  Can you hand me back a wipe?"  I was quite surprised when we arrived home and I opened the door to this:


  1. OH. MY. My gut hurts from laughing!

  2. Funy! She looks adorable...and how cute of Jude to ask for a wipe!!! What a good brother.

  3. Thanks for checking in on our blog!

    This post is too funny!

  4. what a good helper Jude is. She certainly DID need a wipe or two.
    Too sweet And what a mess:-0


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