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Baby Got Back

After taking a four month hiatus from cloth diapering, I've decided that I'm ready to go back. I love the classic look of a cloth diaper. And cloth diapers today aren't what they used to be. There are more choices than one could ever imagine. They're more user-friendly than they used to be -- no pins and no wet pail (EW!). They are a little more work than disposables, which is why I took a break.

After Dan's three week trip to India and my road trip through WI, I did not feel up to it upon my return, especially because that's when we began our adoption journey. With all of the paper work and the stress of the home study visits, I wanted to simplify my life. But now that things have settled down I'd like to get back into it because:

1. I hope it will help Indi potty train sooner. Disposables these days are so absorbent toddlers hardly know when they're wet.
2. As this website puts it, "would you wear chemically treated paper underwear?"
3. I hope to tread a little softer on the earth.
Here's Indigo in one of her diapers.


  1. what cloth diapering systems have you tried and what do you like best?

  2. there are *SO* many choices. it was actually kind of overwhelming to choose at first. i have tried a lot of different things. when indi was a baby, i did basic prefolds with a bummis, proraps, or thirsties cover. this is the cheapest route and it works great. they are bulky though so you may have to size up with pants. now i like a lot of fitteds. i have been pretty happy with my Little Beetles diapers. i have some one size organic velour swaddlebees which i like. i bought them 2nd hand but they are great. i've tried mother-ease but have not been a fan. because there is some polyester mixed in with their cotton i found they were prone to stink issues. this is a common problem with mother-ease. i had some fuzzi bunz that i passed on because i wanted to go 100% cotton and now i wish i would've held onto them. i haven't heard of stink issues with fuzzi bunz. they are really thin and convenient, too. i've heard rave reviews about bum genius as well. i'm trying not to spend any more on diapers and use what i have, so i'm not going to buy them. but if i was starting over, maybe i'd go that route? for more than you could ever want to know about cloth diapers check out this site: to see product reviews click here: seriously, i was addicted to this site at one point. it is awesome!


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