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Tomatoes Galore & Buddies


  1. Those tomatoes are beautiful!! I have been mooching garden fresh tomatoes off my mom lately... I can't have a garden at my house, and there is seriously nothing like a vine-ripe, fresh picked tomato!!!! Yum!!!


  2. PS I just noticed the kiddos holding hands. :) Awwww!! Are they always so sweet with each other??!

  3. They are pretty good friends now, but this is a new thing. For about a year, Jude tormented Indi at every possible opportunity because he was so jealous. Indi has always adored Jude. Jude mostly loves her now, too. But in the last month, he has asked me twice if she can "go back into my tummy to live." So we still have our moments! :) All in all, I'm thankful that they are finally so close.


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