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Friends for life?

They look all buddy-buddy here.  And they are.  But not always.  Tonight, Indi was crying at bedtime.  I went in and rocked/nursed her.  Jude said:

"Mama, I want Ms. Ray to be Indi's new mommy.  And she can live at Aidan's house."  

Ray is my friend and Aidan is her son, Jude's friend.
He went on to say, "Yeah, and Ms. Ray can start nursing Indi, too."



  1. LOL....out of the mouth of babes!
    You have 2 such cute & clever little folks!! I know they bring you great joy....and plenty of laughs too! ;)
    Lisa C.
    P.S. Did you notice my restraint? I didn't even include headaches in the list! LOL

  2. You have been tagged! Go to my blog for details if you want to participate.

  3. RUN! do not Walk to my blog and see what has happened tonight!

    So cool!

    I really SHOULD write a book!:)



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