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happy (belated) anniversary, to my love

on december 26th, dan and i celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  it's hard to believe that 5 years have passed!  it really has flown by!  i look back so fondly on our wedding day, a tiny little gathering with only immediate family, in a small, old chapel in Florida.

The Ceremony:

Our Vows:

Just Married:

happy anniversary, my love!  i am blessed and honored to share this life with you.  you are an amazing husband and father!  you are so perfect for me!  i love you!


  1. *whistle, whistle* what a GORGEOUS bride you were! love, love, love your dress. you looked absolutely elegant.

    happy anniversary to you both!!!

  2. SO Pretty!!! Love the pictures! Isn't amazing how fast time goes by?!? I guess that's what kids do to you! :)

    How was WI? Are you back in TX? Wacky weather out here-right! :)
    Hope you had a joyous Christmas as well!
    p.s. you guys look the same-haven't aged in the last 5 years! what's your secret?!? :)

  3. p.s. you don't look like you have aged at all in the last five years! what is your secret?

    You are sooo pretty!
    Tell dan I said he has NOT aged 10 years!
    He looks pretty,too.

    Happy Anny!


  5. Happy Anniversary! I have to agree you look amazing and I love the dress too. I also love the gifts you all made for Christmas - so creative and so much fun and memories will come from those.

  6. Happy belated anniversary! This time of year has extra significance for your family then....what an amazing and magical time!
    Thank you , thank you for sharing the photos of your big day! You both looked radiant & so blissful. It is easy to see you are a perfect match!
    Beautiful bride & her dashing groom!!!
    P.S. Wishing you another year of happiness, joys and many many blessings! What a year 2009 will be for us all!! Happy New Year!


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