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Polka-Dotted House

Jude's trying out a new phrase: "This is NOT what I imagined!"  

Tonight at bedtime, he said, "Mommy, our house is just not what I imagined!"  I said, "What did you imagine it would be like?"  He said, "Yellow... with polka dots."  

I'm not sure our home owners association will go for it...


  1. Love it. Seriously, why can't our houses be more creative looking?

  2. hahaha! and it is funny that you found that photo! did you show it to jude to see if THAT was what he imagined?

  3. tish,
    jude said yes, this is what he imagined. :)

  4. LOL how much easier all the upkeep would be if only our houses did resemble that one!! :)

    P.S. Lauren dreams of a house made of real whipped cream.... ;)

  5. Hey, I thought in Texas anything goes? It seems that way in Houston! ha! I like Jude's imaginative side! How is the sleeping in your bedroom chair going? I miss you! I look forward to catching up on your posts!
    love ya!

  6. p.s. my Rebecca doesn't understand why we bought a house with 2 acres if we aren't going to have a horse!


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